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What kinds of supporting paragraphs will be appropriate to support the thesis for you persuasive essay?

The supporting paragraphs will have to elaborate on your thesis. It depends on how many points are brought up in the thesis. If your persuasive thesis looks something like this: You should floss your teeth because it prevents cavities and keeps your breath fresh, my essay will consist of 2 supporting paragraphs. the first will […]

Is it appropriate to write a college admissions essay in the present tense?

The prompt (from the Common App):Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.I plan to guide the reader through an experience I overcame each step of the way, as if everything is happening as the reader’s reading my essay. I figured it might […]

When is it appropriate for a student to use a subject/ essay map approach?

When using the card catolog.When writing an outline.When citing a direct quotation.When writing a thesis statement. User tags:when is it appropriate for a student to use a subject/ essay map approach?

Was McCarthism an appropriate action in response to the anti-war movement?

Please include detail and a website from where the answer can be found. It’s for an essay. Thanks

Is this appropriate for a formal university paper?

In a phrases such as “let us examine … (sculpture x) we’ll notice… “Is it acceptable to use “WE and “US.” Or does that beg me to explain who this “we” and “us” are? Of course, I mean myself and my reader, but is that unclear, or more importantly, inappropriate for an essay?

Is this an appropriate title for my essay?

The contest main theme is: Information Technology: Enroute to a Greener EnvironmentMy essay’s title is:Information Technology: Redemption of the MachinesBecause I wrote in my essay that machines were the reasons why our environment is messed up right now. And, ironically, machines themselves may be solution to the problem they created to our environment, like how […]

Is it appropriate or not?

Is it appropriate for a thirteen-year-old writing a persuasive essay on capital punishment to use examples of sexual offenders or child abusers in the essay?

Which of the following would be an appropriate topic for a persuasive essay?

Which of the following would be an appropriate topic for a persuasive essay? A. An essay that argues that Hawaii was America’s first state B. An essay that argues in favor of reinstating the military draft as a solution to falling military enrollment C. An essay that argues that the U.S. economic system is not […]

Is it appropriate to refer to people as black in an essay?

I am writing a paper on diversity in the work place. I found a source on Proquest and it refers to people as black/blacks and white/whites for instance “whites are hesitant to___” that doesn’t seem professional or appropriate for a scholarly essay…I don’t really want to use those terms in mine and risk sounding racist. […]

My student admits to plagiarism after I grade it and give him an A. What is the appropriate consequence?

A student of mine, who I always had a favorable impression of, recently did something that completely astounded me. In in a recent essay assignment, I had awarded him with a A on a paper that he handed in. However, a day later, the student came up to me after class and admitted that he […]