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What is the best age to become a novelist’screenwriter and how to publish it?

I am 18 years old, and i always was good in Essay writing at high school, and even i’ve got highest score on writing section of TOEFL IBT on ten’s form. I dont know why but when it came to make a story or write a screenwriting i was the fastest to make it. And […]

What did Hercules do to become a hero?

I need to write a hero essay and I was given the topic of Hercules. yuck. but anyway, iv’e read the mythology book and i googled hercules and everything and i dont understand why hes such a hero. mythology and my brain do not go together. SOOO will someone please put why hercules is a […]

How do you become popular?

I need to know how to become popular. It is actually for an essay for english. Can you guys please help me? I will answer your question. Just leave it!

Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?

i am trying to become a councelor and i have to write an essay on Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?.. can someone help me please im stuck User tags:I need a thesis statement about being a drug counselor

How did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?

I need some help with my History essay..In January 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.Explain why this happened.

How to answer essay questions and become a better writer?

I’m heading into my sophomore year of high school, and I’m looking at becoming an attorney or something else in that field. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to become a better writer, because I know attorneys have to posses some mad writing skills. Oh and I’m looking at the Mercer […]

How to become a better college student?

I need an essay on how we learn and ways to apply it to be a better college student…The essay needs to be 4 to 6 pages long time new roman 12 pitch font with 1 inch side margins 0.6 top and bottom margins and 1.5 spacing no double spacing please…

I need information on how the police mistreats minorities and they become defensive afterwards?

im doing an MLA essay on how the police mistreat people ( of race) and it doesnt get attention. im using information from the shooting that happened in new york… i need sources for an outline.

Whats causing the polar bear to become extinct and how can we prevent it?

I’m doing an essay on how we could prevent the extinction of polar bears. So if you could tell me what’s even causing the problem in the first place and how we could help save this species. Thanks in advance!

Why has terrorism become such an important issue between Israel and the Arabs from 1967 to 2006?

Have to write an essay on this, and i’m very confused. Religion, refugees, territory and global influences all play a part, but can someone please explain why? Thanks