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What are some non-political reasons why the melting pot is better than multiculturalism?

I have to do an essay for a grade 12 course social science course (Challenge and Change… it’s basically Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology all in one). We had a mini essay to show him our research so far and I failed it because he said it sounded like a right-wing rant. I just need 3 […]

LG rumer vs. Samsung Rant which is better?

I’m writing a persuasive essay for my comm arts class and my topic is “The samsung rant is better than the LG rumer” whats your opinion, why is that your opinion, and if you feel that the Rant is better can you plz get me some reasons why?

What is a better way to write this sentence?

I’m writing an essay and I’m not so good at diction. This is the sentence I wrote:”They realized they had to do something about something they felt strongly about and did it.”This is on the subject of heroes that sprung about from normal people, if that helps.

Please check my essay with better English?

HI Guys I am having my English test in a few weeks so I would like to practise writing. Could u please check it for me? Thank you so much. I’d appreciate every feedback. Here’s the topic “Soon people who cannot work with computer will be disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree”It […]

Would this be an A worth for my first essay in the 9th grade? What would be a better conclusion?

As we all grow older, our minds begin to wonder off in a place of multifarious emotions and complexes. We have no control over what we think or why we think the way we do. Our lives begin as a misunderstood baby to a fading elderly whose mind is yet to wonder off as it […]

Which is better for conclusion ending of Hamlet essay about madness?

My essay is about Hamlet not being truly mad, that his madness is fake.I need a good conclusion ending to catch reader. I came up with some. Which one do you think is better? If you think you have a better one, then tell me.1. One must be perceived mad to be accepted in a […]

Which country would be a better experience?

Okay so I haven’t even applied but there is this program that can get me to go to different countries around the world once I’m in high school and have above average grades. It’s highly selective but I think I would have a good chance. I’m going into high school this fall. And I have […]

Can someone read these two paragraphs and see if I can do anything to make it better, like correcting grammar?

It’s a persusive essay. Do you think you can engineer you own happiness? Happiness is an emotion people feel from contentment and emotional joy from accomplishing things in life and being loved by friends and loved once. In spite of the fact that some society members consider people of being incapable of generating their own […]

What’s better – an ipad or an mac laptop for a uni/college student?

if I get into uni/college for next year *fingers crossed*, I’m going to need one of those. I’m going to do lots of essays, writing and presentations. also, if I live at home, I’m going to take it with me.I don’t know which is best.

Ok, will someone tell me how I can make my essay better? please, i suck at this…?

ok, well, i’m in english 101 for the second time because i failed it the first(in college) and I hate it! i wrote this essay, and i swear it’s the best i could do, but it sucks, so if you’re willing to read it, please IM me, i’m gonna be on for a while, thanks […]