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How to break my bad habits of procrastination and laziness, and also my addiction to video games/the computer?

Let’s see, where should I start?I am a HUGE procrastinator, I’ve even put off showering and stuff like that. Or maybe it’s my laziness that’s it, I have no idea. The addiction doesn’t help much, either. Procrastinate doing something, play video games/on the computer and skip over time, and be too lazy to do the […]

What’s a good way to break out of prison?

I’m writing an essay and i need a good way for my character to break out please help

Renaissance: continuation or a distinct break from the Middle Ages?

Was the Renaissance a period distinct from the Middle ages or was it a continuation – the high point – of the middle Ages?I am planning to write an essay supporting that the Renaissance was a continuation of the Middle Ages, since it certainly was not a sudden, clean break from the Dark Ages. Can […]

Could someone break down transcription for me?

I’m doing an essay on protein in the transcription process. all i have read about it is confusing so i was wondering if someone could break it down for me in the simplest term.thank you

Could someone break down this question for my english essay?

We are currently reading Canterbury Tales and I am already lost in translation as it is, but, now we have essay due monday and the teacher just hurriedly explained it to me even after I asked for her to break it down even more. Would anyone be able to explain this question to me in […]