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Should I capitalize? PLZ ANSWER?

I am writing an essay and I am wondering whether or not I should capitalize black belt in it. it reads…. my black belt in karate,…..PLEASE ANSER!Thank you in advance

Should I capitalize “grade point average” in an essay?

I’m writing an essay and I need to know if I should capitalize “grade point average” or not. I know GPA is capitalized but I want to write it out. Thanks. User tags:do i capitalize gpado you capitalize gpado you capitalize grade point averageshould tenth grade be capitalized

Do you capitalize scene numbers in Shakespeare?

I am writing an essay on Shakespeare and I refer to “scene one” should I capitalize it or is there no special way that the scenes and acts are typed? User tags:should act be capitalized in plays

In an essay do I have to capitalize subjects I took in high school such as AP physics,?

AP chemistry and AP biology? I am sorta confused on what to capitalize and what not to capitalize. Thanks.

Should I capitalize this field of study in my college application essay?

“Neuroscience.” I initially wrote it all lowercase, but my mom capitalized it each time when she looked over the essay. I don’t really think you have to (not to be petty, but I do know more about English conventions than my mom when I need to be formal… I’m really just not sure here). Not […]

Would I capitalize “southern” when referring to a town?

I’m writing an essay and I have this sentence: “Breaking out of innocence, the two will face racial issues and find the truth behind their 1930’s southern town. ” Do I capitalize southern?