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Who can make me a catchy titlee?

its an essay involving crickets and temperature and it has to be catchy

What is a catchy title and thesis statement for my essay?

I read the article “The Battle against Fast Food Begins at Home” by Daniel Weintraub, “If You Pitch it,They will Eat it” by David Barboza, and “It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat” by Shannon Brownlee. Now I have to write an essay about parents and the fast food industry for being the blame of […]

Whats a catchy way to say “undergoing plastic surgery”?I need to spice up my essay?

I already used going under the knife and nip and tuck what else can I use?

Can someone please give me a catchy title for an essay?

My essay is “Is lottery good for the education system?”, but I don’t have a “catchy” title for the essay.Help please. User tags:give me a catchy title for oncologist assignment for school

Any catchy opening line on essay pls? topic: Critically discuss sources of law in England today?

‘The law is an a*s. (Donkey/mule/etc)The sources of law in England today are crafted by an elected body (MPs) who have little of no knowledge of what constitutes good law other than “Wouldn’t it be nice/great/easier if ….”, then select others with equally little knowledge, to draft the proposed legislation.’

Need help with a catchy hook for my english 2 advanced essay?

if i want to get into eng 2 adv. next year, i need to apply for it with a 5-7 paragraph essay about why i should be in that class nexyt year. i need a good hook to get the teacher interested right from the beginning. a good quote about going ahead or a good […]

I need a catchy start for my essay. It’s about my goals in life and why I want to attend a charter highschool?

hook for a highschool application.

Catchy Title for my essay?

I am writing an essay about how tradition effects society/citizens. I’m comparing ‘Huckleberry Finn’ and ‘The Lottery’ but I need a catchy title for my essay. Basically, it’s just comparing the two works with tradition and how tradition plays an important role in the lives of people.any ideas?thanks!

Please help me with a catchy title for my essay on Othello! Thanks!?

It is about whether Iago truly has motivations or is just plain evil

What is a good, catchy title for my essay?

I’m writing a descriptive essay about an important memory or event that changed my life. I wrote about how my father was hospitalized and diagnosed with lupus and how that made an impact in my life. Now I can’t think of a good, catchy title for this, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!