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I’m writing an essay and a character has to go into the woods whats a good reason….?

like I was think…1.) she wanted to take a walk threw the woods2.) her mother asked her to pick some flowers out in the woodsbut both of those are stupid and don’t make sense, have any ideas?

Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?

I want the hidden agenda to be something about society that a grumpy old man would care about. Nothing about healthcare, medicare, etc…

What is a book that clearly displays heroism in a character?

please help w/ homework, need to write 5 paragraph essay on heroism of a character from any book of your choice. Cant decide what book will be easy to write about. I’ll just spark note the suggestions I get here.

What are some movies or books in which the main character is a writer/ aspiring writer/ loves writing? ?

Or any book/ movie that revolves around the theme of writing? For my college essay I need to write about a fictional character that I can relate to, and I’ve always loved English and writing. THANKS! =)

The Catcher In the Rye character analysis essay?

I need to write a character analysis essay. The prompt is….After Holden realizes that he cannot be the”catcher in the rye” explain how his experiences help him reach a new understanding about coping in an imperfect world. User tags:how to write a essay about characters in the catcher in the rye

I am writing a essay for english on a character study on Curleys wife in of Mice and Men, proof read please:)?

John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men is an example of what life was like in the current situation of America, adding a touch of realism to the story. All of the characters lead a typical 1930’s lifestyle, where they all have the same dream, ‘The American Dream’. However not everyone appears to accomplish it. […]

The oddyssey character mortality lesson help please!?

i have a sem 1 exam tomarrow i have to get ready for this essay questionchoose one character from the oddyssey and explain his/her significance in a work that seek to teach lesson about mortality, the honor of war, the role of men, sons and wifes. why is he/she inportant to the plot? what trait […]

Im writing an english essay and im describing the way a character it made?

What is of interest to the examiner is not that you know what the character islike but, rather, that you understand how he is created by the author and how theauthor manipulates your response to the character.The success of the novel depends on vour involvement with the characters andthe author will be at pains to […]

Discuss how Othello (the character) fits the criteria for a “tragic hero” in Shakespeare’s play Othello?

i have to write an essay on this and im having a hard timee…its says i need evidence from the play and stuff to support it. ? and a statement? Can someone first answer the question for me thanks

Is there anything I should change about my character analysis essay?

Any constructive criticism, or typos I’ve missed, please feel free to point it out, thanks a bunch. :]Sometimes you find your guiding beacon when you didn’t even realize how lost you were to begin with. I learned this lesson the day I met William Friday. Before we met, I was on a crash course to […]