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Question on how to cite a document or source in an essay?

For example: “the rise of the novel,”(Hunter 1). or “the rise of the novel.”(Hunter 1). Or “the rise of the novel” (Hunter 1). So comma, period or nothing at all. Or there should not be any period after the parenthesis. HELP!

Correct way to cite in MLA format?

I am writing an essay on Animal Farm, and in it I am using multiple sources by George Orwell. I know the parenthetic citation would normally go as follows:Animalism, a belief that anything “that goes upon four legs, or has wings” (Orwell, 33)…In this, the purpose of putting the author’s name is to know which […]

What is the proper way to cite this in an essay?

I am writing a paper, and I need to cite this, both in the text and then on a works cited page. I’m not sure what this would be considered (an article, web site, etc.) and I don’t know how I should cite it. I have looked on several websites (MLA ones) but I can’t […]

How to properly cite an essay that is from a book in MLA format?

I need to cite an essay that I got out of a book (the book is from a class and it contains tips on how to be a good writer and also a collection of a couple dozen essays from various authors). How do I properly cite one of the essays? Thanks

Can I cite a HowStuffWorks article in an essay?

Is the HowStuffWorks website considered credible? I know they say they are, but most websites wouldn’t exactly say “oh yeah, we’re totally not qualified to say this”. There’s a very informative article on there that has all the info I need to cite, but I’m not allowed to use Wikipedia-type sources and they have to […]

How do I cite an internet source in a story I’m writing?

I’m currently writing a story/essay and I researched some statistics on the topic. How would I cite the information since this is suppose to be story-like? Should I make up the information since it’s my own story or should I just cite it anyway?

How to cite (MLA) a article WITHIN an essay?

I believe you mean embedded citations. It varies depending on your teacher or professor, but see the link below for some common forms

How do you cite a famous quote?

So I have a quote by Bill Gates setting up my essay:”QUOTE”-Bill Gates How do I cite it in the footnotes? (I got it online…)Thank you

How would i cite and quote/incorporate a part of this in an argumentative essay?

[external link]

How to cite a website in an essay…10 points?

i know if you quote something from a website or get direct information from that source you must cite it not only on a work cited sheet but also in parenthesis within the report…..if you are citing a source in your essay from a website what do you put? there is no author…