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The devil white city by Erik Larson?

I need a timeline or essay on it plz help

City of Glass by Paul Auster?

I need help with this as I am unsure what the main themes are of this book and must write an essay on it. Please help…

What is the Plot Summary/main events of “The City Of Ember”?

I am in gr.5 and I have a 10 paragraph essay due in 2 weeks…I need help! Thanks!

I am writing a compare and contrast essay on city life vs. country life?

i am writing a compare and contrast essay on city life vs. country life, and i am just baffled on how to start of my essay right now, i have just been sitting here stumped for quite a bit. Can anyone by chance give me any ideas on how to get started?

Hey, is it true that Owl city does a lot of sequencing?

I’m doing an essay on my favorite Idol, and from what I know, Owl City Does a lot of sequencing. That can be really hard, so that would make him an even bigger idol to me! 8-D

Ok, my 19 yr old daughter needed to right an essay on farm and city life for her GED. She paniced & blew it.?

And advice for her on how to write a good essay on any subject? Serious answers only! plez! ty

Hi, what mains ideas that comes to mind when writing an essay about ( living in a city ) ?

Ecology, greenhouse effect, pollution, noise, neighbors, 24-hour convenience, getting anywhere in less than an hour, traffic jams, local festivals, museums, zoos, parks, churches, potholes, art, theater, music, graffiti, panhandlers, public safety, homelessness, weird/funny signs, sports, tourism, what the city’s known for to people who don’t live there…

Contrast essay between two city?

first similarity between two city by location, history and festival than difference by location, history and festival

What steps should a city take to improve it’s traffic condtions while greening the city?

I’m writing an essay and I need some ideas of what a city can do to improve it’s traffic conditions while greening the city. How can traffic be reduced and the needs of businesses and homeowners still be met? What sacrifices should the city take?

How we can make the world you live in – ur home, ur city, ur nation – a cleaner n greener place?

its my school essay competition