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Could Someone Please Proofread This Short Essay For Me!?

I am no stranger to the medical field. The women in my family have been health care professionals of some kind for some time. Their line of work ranges from being Phlebotomists to Registered Nurses. Naturally you’d think that I was motivated from a family member to become a health care professional, but it was […]

Ravelstein (2000) was the last novel of Saul Bellow. Could you give a summary of it?

Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein (2000) novel has been called an essay, an autobiographical sketch, and many others, aside from being a novel. Could you give me an overview or summary or a discussion of the novel? Thanks in advance.

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay it has to be about china what topic could it be about?

The pollution there….The pandas of Chengdu….The Terracotta figures….just a few ideas.Oh, yeah.Their superstitions…..certain numbers mean certain things. Feng Shou (“Feng Shway” is important to them). Grasshoppers mean good luck, so they keep them as pets (and they are rather large).

I’m not a fan of sports, so could you guys please help me write this essay!?

What athlete would you want to interview? Explain why and what would you want to know?

What would be a peer reviewed journal that i could use for university essay?

I mean i can find journals but it gives little sections of the journal when it shows it on the university website (online library). So would these count as a journal used or should it be the whole thing. The subject i events management one journal needs to be quantitative and the other qualitative approach […]

Could you guys out there re-write this short essay and make sure there are no sentence fragments.?

Male chauvinism extends even into the area of automobile driving, it seems. Believing that they are far better drivers than women. men consider women drivers incompetent, inattentive, and even dangerous behind the wheel.However statistics prove that women are, in fact, safer drivers than men. For example, insurance rates. Insurance rates for women are 20 percent […]

If you could change one important thing about your life, what would you change?

Explain how you would change it. Support your viewpoint with specific details.Please help for my ESSAY! Thank you.

My sister inlaw has to write a essay and i was wnating to know if anyone could help?

She has to write about teen suicide and investigate and analyse the trends within youth culture from both a sociological and christian perspective.

Which one of these topics could be used in a quirky weird way for an essay?

I have to write an essay on one of these topics but it has to relate to my personality. which is quirky, weird. according to my teacherComing of ageSexualityGender Identity BullyingDeath

Could you correct this essay, please?

Hi, I’m an italian student and I’m writing an essay. So could you correct it, please? Thanks for being patient. What do I think of those who say to be afraid of nothingIn my opinion it’s about impossible to be not afraid of anything. There’s always kind of fear inside us, even if we don’t […]