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How many people visit Facebook in a day?

For an essay i am including how many people visit Facebook a day, I would really like in 5min, but i dont know if anyone would know that.If anyone know how many people go on facebook in 5min that would be great, or even daily would work

I am going to university, but i don’t want a course/career sitting at a desk all day!?

i love education, currently i am 19 years old in second year College as an Undecided Major. i am planning to attend university, but i HATE sitting all day doing essays, reading, and doing reasearch. And im scared a University education will land my a job doing the same stuff since they say University is […]

A story beginning with ‘I knew I would need a lot of courage to get through the day’?

I need a plot, dialogue, characters, description, detail, tension, climax and resolution. I just wrote about 9 essays and the last one can’t be the same. I badly need some idea’s.

How was your day? Mine was great, thanks to the snow gods. Lets all thank them.?

I live in Rhode Island. I’d just like to say thank you to the snow gods for this 9-inch snow storm. A nice early dismissal from school, giving me more time to do more essays and study more. That’s how my day was. How was yours?

How many ferris wheels are in america to this day?

i’m doing an essay and i have to right about amusement parks in like te early 1900s/late 1800s and i wanna kn how many ferris wheels there currently are.please cite your source? please and thank you

Anybody else had this virus? Okay, so I was finishing an essay on my computer the other day, and this ‘virus s?

Anybody else had this virus?Okay, so I was finishing an essay on my computer the other day, and this ‘virus scanner’ came up. I think it was called windows live something or other. It said there was like 34 threats on my computer, and when I tried to click off the scan it came up […]

Fashion Disaster Day?

My school has a tradition for a spirit week. It’s this week and I need some ideas for horrible fashion.If you can’t help me with that one, here are the others. Thanks!Monday – PJ DayTuesday – Nerd DayWednesday – Senior Citizen DayThursday – Fashion Disaster DayFriday – Red DayPS. My grade hasn’t failed in seven […]

School essay on memorial day?

i have a school essay i have to do on what memorial day means to me and i need help… like what does memorial mean to you? and the essay has to be 2-5 pages along so anything about memorial day would really help for me.

Do roses cost more around Valentine’s Day?

So, I’m doing an essay about valentines day, and I was wondering do roses cost more around valentines day?