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How has federalism helped preserve democracy?

im doin a ss essay about federalism n my ? is how has federalism help preserve democracy thanks!

What is the American Identity of a Democracy?

This is a prompt for my essay in social studies

Cons of Democracy in Lord of the Flies?

So I’m writing and essay about the ineffectiveness of democracy in William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies and I need three con’s of democracy and how it those cons are shown in Lord of the Flies.And if you could provide quotes from the book that would be lovely Thank you! User tags:what are the […]

Was U.S. involvement in covert operation in iran for gaining control of resources or to protect democracy?

i need help on this essay, the guiding question is that

How can the Supreme Court be the champion of liberties, or destroyer of democracy?

Basically, I need help on my American Government essay question, and I’m having a hard time figuring out this part. So feel free to help me out asap

Please clarify what caused South Korea to switch to democracy in 1987?

Please explain what the fiscal and political situation of South Korea was prior to 1987. I am a little confused by some of the information i am finding. I need to write an 5 page essay on why South Korea is a democracy according to the procedural minimum definition. Please help. I am not asking […]

What is the importance of the development of democracy, why does it matter today?

i have to write an essay for world civ and explain the importance of the development of democracy and why it matters today. please help!

To what extent was Germany a parliamentary democracy in the years 1900-1914?

I’m writing an essay with this title, and I can argue against germany being a parliamentary democracy, but I’m struggling with reasons why it could be argued that it was.I know that the fact that males over 25 could vote was good, and also von Bulow’s attempts at political reforms, but I’m confused at what […]

I have to write an essay on Absolute Monarchy VS Democracy during the 17th and 18th

I am siding with the side that states Absolutism is better. (Keep note this is during the Reformation period, not during present day). What are some points I can have? So far I put that this form of government kept the country together and civil and that they also disciplined everyone well. Are there any […]