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What are some words that describe polymaths or Renaissance Men?

I need this for an essay!

Fahrenheit 451! top three allusions that describe Guy Montag?

i need an essay on the top three allusions that describe Guy Montag in Fahrenheit 451. it would be a huge help if someone could give me just that, or at least help a bunch. kindness is appreciated =)

To what extent would you describe the changes in transportation between 1815 and 1860 as a revolution?

writing an essay on thi subject. have a lot of facts about this topic but still need help.

Could somebody please grade this writing to describe essay and tell me how I could improve?

Can someone please grade this GCSE essay and tell me how I could improve?My eyes were engulfed in a ditch of a catalytic glow. All the elements of my gladness was evident almost everywhere (clouds, sun, stars and the air itself); first ever holiday in my life, my heart sparkled like a blanket of diamonds. […]

What are some descriptive words that i can use to describe artwork?

i need to write an essay and i want it to sound right. i suck at vocabulary and i hope there you will help me giving me some ideas so that i can improve and learn at the same time. thank you so much

How do I describe Downtown Boston for my essay?

I am writing an essay about my trip to Downtown, but what are somethings I could use to describe it?

How can I describe the rhyme scheme of this poem in relation to the main idea?

I’m writing a five paragraph essay about the poem “Insomnia” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. One of the poetic devices he uses is rhyming. The first and fourth lines, second and third, fifth and seventh, and sixth and eighth line of each stansa rhyme (ABBACDCD). How can I say how this enhances the poem as a […]

Describe how bacteria decode their genetic information to produce protein?

has anyone done this essay before? wat am i 2 include?…need help urgent…tks in advance

Could someone please help me proofread, add, or change my essay? I had to describe a magazine article.?

Tipalet Advertisements in magazines have been around for a long period of time, promoting products to consumers everywhere in the world. In order to make a new product sell, you must be able to grab their attention and convince them to purchase it. The company Meriel introduced a new brand of cigarettes that would allow […]

How would you describe a zombie scene?

how would you describe a storyline/plot that involves ; zombies or someone trying to escape from themor something along those lines for an essaythank you