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Does modern media lead or manipulate war and society?

I have an essay I have to write, so I really need three points. Essentially, how does media impact or manipulate war and society? I’m mainly focusing on how it manipulates war and society. I want to focus on each time period, so the French Revolution, World War 2 and War on Iraq/War on Terror. […]

Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?

its for an essay…

What effect does the arts and entertainment industry have on the national economy?

Im writing an essay on the above topic but im getting myself all confused. Another persons view would be great.Cheers!

Does my resume look good?

ObjectiveWork hard and save money to go to college in Los Angeles next year SummaryHigh school graduateSpecialized expertise in; dog training, people skills, food handling, basic computer skillsCan type ~80 wpm, great with people and animals, hard workerWaitressed for four months in sophomore year of high school, had a small dog sitting business the summer […]

Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?

hi ive got an english essay to write about “Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today”what do you think about it and could you give me some examples or ads that are appropriate and inappropriate.thns so much xx

Does anyone have SOLID proof that human evolution from other primates is true? I need to convince someone.?

I know someone who says that humans did not evolve from other animals but does believe in evolution in general, so can someone please go find solid proof of that being true/untrue? I’d like to just like to have some link to an article, essay, etc.

Does anybody know about stats/figures since the Meerkat campaign started?

I’m doing an essay on how it was successful and I need factual evidence obviously to back it upIf you don’t know stats yourself do you know of a website I could go to for this kind of info?Thanks

What is multiculturalism? And how does it affect Australia?

I need to write an essay on multiculturalism and its trends on Australia and its population.could anyone please help me with some key points, or just facts, please.thanks

How does it not effect their time period?

okay so i asked my teacher more than enough times what this meant and how i could answer it, but she gave me nothing to work with… So im hoping maybe you could help with this essay okay so, How does the theory of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Voltaire’s theory […]

Does any company or gaming laptop beat these specs at a lower price?

So I’m going into college. I need something that I can use for school for like projects, essays, and taking notes and stuff but I can also use for gaming on my off time. Right now I’m looking at HP DV7T quad edition which I upgraded to have these specs.Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit2nd […]