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Parallel lines meet, i dont remember what that type of geometry is called?

when a 3d surface changes, making parallel lines meet,i forgot the name and i need to write an essay TONIGHT, itd be VERY useful

What do I do if I dont get accepted to any law schools this year?!?! :o?

Ok, I graduated from college last year, “studied” for the LSAT, then took it in December. My score was pure crap, so I took in again in February and I had to cancel it (its a long story). I still sent out my applications, hoping that one of the 25 schools would still like me, […]

I dont understand this? why would we be suspicious of computers?

We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits? – ok so this is the thing i dont get, what would we be suspicious? is it because personal info can get into the internet? or why? i want to writte […]

Some facts about factory farming? Please don’t ignore my questions.?

I need to add to my argumentative essay about factory farming. I need some facts about the costs of organic meat and poultry vs. factory farmed meat and poultry. My subconclusion on my first argument is that Humans dont need to torture animals to get their food a few cents cheaper. My first claim that […]

I am going to university, but i don’t want a course/career sitting at a desk all day!?

i love education, currently i am 19 years old in second year College as an Undecided Major. i am planning to attend university, but i HATE sitting all day doing essays, reading, and doing reasearch. And im scared a University education will land my a job doing the same stuff since they say University is […]

Men don’t approach me, why is that? (picture)?

I’m very quiet and reserved, though I put effort into my appearance greatly. There’s always an attractive guy in the class I’m interested in, and sometimes we exchange a few words but it never really goes any further? It’s more like a (says a few witty things, as do I, next day we don’t acknowledge […]

Doing an essay on nazis in the war and i dont know where to start?

the essay title is ‘why nazis committed such atrocities against jews and other peoplesi just dont know how or where to start.any suggestions?it will be around 1000 words long and i’m 14 so it won’t need to go into too much depth, i just dont know where to start.thanks

I have to write a narrative essay about my birth order,middle child of 3, and i don’t know how to start?

I don’t know if you’re doing it this way but . . . . It sounds like you feel that your narrative will unfold as you write. If that is how you intend to proceed, it’s not working for you.Just write down various ideas first. Then reflect on them. Then decide what you want to […]

Essay Question and I dont really dont understand…Please Help!?

Essay question is: American Society is growing into a society with large class divisions. It is estimated that over 3 million US Americans are in poverty. What are the economic factors, social issues and legislature change that contribute to rising number of poor people? If you understand this…Any little detail will help…Thanks

OMG…Help I don’t know what to think…?

First of all i would like to thank you and let you know that im sorry for the long essay lol… I really hope you guys can help me…=( the guy I’m dating is acting really weird with me. We were good and all of a sudden he starts acting weird with me. I had […]