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Partner making me feel down during pregnancy or am i just imagining it?

Bit of an essay im afraid, just so you all understand,Basically everything was going fine we moved into a new house together he had a job and i was looking, anyway not even a month after moving in i fell pregnant, and absolutely nobody would employ me, the more pregnant i got the less chance […]

What countries were allies with Romania during world war 2? after world war 2? and now?

please help im writing an essay

Compare the role of the state during the Maurice Duplesis era with that of the Quiet Revolution.?

I’m doing a history essay and need help on the statement above. Thank you!

In Europe during 1815-1900 , What kind of people were liberals and what were their goals?

During the time period of 1815-1900 in Europe what kind of people were liberals and what were their goals? Please help im writing an essay and cant find ANYTHING … thankyou so much!

Summarize what happens during the Krebs cycle.?

What happens to the high energy electrons generated during the Krebs cycle?Please dont make your answers really long. I dont want an essay, I want an answer. Thanks:)

Treatment of prisoners of war during the english civil wars?

i have to write an 1000 word essay on prisoners of war during the english civil wars, can anyone recommend some useful websites?thank you

In which instances did Canada provide assistance for Québec during a major crisis?

Hi, I am writing a historical essay about French-English Canadian relations, and I need some evidence to back up my thesis.I was wondering… Could anyone please briefly recall any specific instances in Canadian history when Québec needed (and received adequate) assistance from the federal government for a major crisis?Thank you very much.

Where can I find information on the men during the women’s movement?

I am writing an essay, and I am doing it over the play Triffles. But I need information/ websites on how the men acted and what they thought of the women during the women’s movement, long before and after women got to vote finally. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Were the major innovations in art & music during the enlightenment as important as new social and econ. ideas?

This is an essay possibility for my AP history test and i am struggling to find an answer, could someone please help set me in the right path? and please no mean responses

Economic depression during 20th century?

Explain how economic depressions affected revolutionary movements in the first half of the 20th Century in Germany, Italy, and Spain.Please help me because i have to write an essay on either Germany, Italy, or Spain. So please give me like anything that would help create my essay with this prompt.THX SO MUCH.P.S. PLEASE NO RUDE […]