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How many pounds of books does average kid carry each day at school?

Persuasive essay also if you’re an english teacher um what would b a good intro on perusasive essays and a good conclusion. It’s about allwoing laptops in class.

What are Some Good Essay Topics Relating Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Each Other?

the thing that first comes to my mind is transformation…change…from good to evil…Jekyll and Hyde accomplish this many time throughout the story…that is in fact the point of the story…good and evil residing in the same body…Jekyll’s struggle is short by comparison…Dracula was at one time a man…one would assume he might have struggled with […]

Anyone know of a bulletin board or website where university students peer review each other’s essays?

I am a graduate student looking for someone to peer edit my art history essay – preferably someone who is also a graduate student and is knowledgeable of critical theory and philosophy (Habermas, Lacan, Lyotard, Mulvey). I was wondering if there was a website where students with similar areas of study could do essay exchanges?

How to memorize 4 essays (each 1000 words) ?

Writing and reading it again and again

How do you make your essay double spaced but with no spacing between each paragraph?

(ON MICROSOFT WORD) Everytime I double space my paper there is a space between each new paragraph. I want to have my paper double spaced but with no space between each paragraph just an indent ! plz help thanku:)

Do you indent each paragraph in an essay?

In an opinion essay, should you indent each paragraph or just the first one? User tags:do i indent every paragraph in an essay

How many people sue McDonalds each year for obesity?

I need some statistics for my essay. Any information will be helpful. Thanks

How many suicide bombings are there each year in Iraq?

How many suicide bombings are there each year in Iraq?And PLEASE don’t give me wikipedia or from this site [external link] …because i cant possibly cite wikipedia on a thesis essayTHANK YOU!

Help me edit/proofread this? -Fifth paragraph- 10 points each!?

This is the fifth paragraph of my essay Thanks for helping and I’ll give the link to the first paragraph later so you can see the other paragraphs 10 points for EACH paragraph to whoever helps me with my paragraph the most And here it is: From all that experience I learned that you can […]

In the play Romeo and Juliet are they faithful to each other?

I’m writing an essay on this play and i haven’t fully read the entire thing. Is there anywhere in the book where Romeo or Juliet is not faithful to one another when they are together?