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Was the United States justified in their imperialistic policies of the late 1800s and early 1900s?

I have to write a essay so maybe a beginning paragraph or thesis statement? Thanks for any answers

What is my chance for Early Admission at Brown University?

I am currently 85 out of 796 students at my public high school…which is about 10.7%.I have a 30 on my ACT but am retaking it September 13th.2000 SAT. Haven’t yet taken the SAT II.Weighted GPA of 4.7…not sure what that is unweighted.All honors and 5 AP classes.Hard classes up through senior year.Presidential Award.Who’s Who […]

Early signs? Shall i take a pregnancy test?

I have some signs of early pregnancy that i have looked up on the net and they all seem to match, such as…my sense of smell is greater, i have cramping (not as bad as a period) and movement in my lower abdomen, mild back pain, trouble sleeping, feeling tired a lot more, funny taste […]

How were the three early civilizations similar? (Egyptian Persian and Greek)?

Essay question. I need a few examples

Global history essay about the early river civilizations?

Tomorrow I have a global test with an essay to write about and the essay question is : Political, economic, and social conditions have often left turning points that changed our history. Explain how each turning point changed the course of people. Use any early river civilizations.I can only chose one. I didnt have a […]

How did the progressive championed the rights of minority groups living in america during the early 1900s?

this is my last question i need to answer with my essay. i have everything but this question. please help me? history is my worst subject.

Chances of getting into Dartmouth Early Decision (and others regular decision)?

- Female student from Australia applying for Biology Early Decision- SAT I: 2090 (CR: 730, M: 680, W: 680)- SAT II: Biology (M) 700, Math I 750, Literature 710- School doesn’t do GPA’s but received an overall position of top 5% of the state- Taken the most challenging course load available to me, including a […]

What was the Impact of the French Revolution and Napoleon on Europe in the early 19th century?

It is a exam question worth 20 points. Bullet points, essay, web link, notes, any type of help will be highly appreciated.

What were the laws that banned prostitution in the early 1900′s?

Writing an essay on Muckrackers in America and Maggie: A girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane. Can anyone tell me how this book influenced prostitution in the early 1900′s?

What does the Titanic tell us about what technology was like in the early 20th century?

Im writing an essay called ‘What does the Titanic tell us about the early 20th century?’ and so far ive written about construction, position of women, class system, i need to write about technology so could someone help please? also about the impact of titanic sinking! im not asking you to write the essay just […]