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Help me find a few essays?

For some reason, I’ll really interested in why we judge each other, why we dislike each other and bully each other, stuff like that. I was wondering if anyone could help me find some essays that professionals have written about their research on the topic and other things like that?

A few questions about cause and effect essays?

first. does the essay have to be a real event that happened to a person or can it be a fictional event?second. does it have to be about you or can it be about someone you know?

How to replace the word “is” in my essays.?

I’m having trouble, well my teacher doesnt want the word “is” in our essays(he thinks its taboo), but i have a lot of them. Can someone help me find a genral way to get rid of them?Ex) A soliloquy is when a person reveals his inner most thoughts. Ex) When a soliloquy is being brought […]

What is the best website for Free Online Essays?

They have to be 100% free, tried 123 help, looking for an essay “comparing online classes to campus classes” need one quick, thanks

What does writing “sulekh” from hindi text book mean?means copying 5 essays or stories?

is it about good handwriting or copying essays?

How do you write a strong introductory and concluding paragraph? What are some good words for essays?

Well, I have my english final tomorrow and I need some tips on how to write a strong intro and concluding paragraph for my essay. My teacher has made comments on my essays saying things such as it is “too general” and “not specific enough”. I mainly struggle with writing my thesis and wrapping up […]

Why do they call essays “RBI” in the Army?

Please include a reference.

How come I have to write another five essays for Supplements besides my Common App one?

like what the ****

Where can I get essays on various topics for competitive exams ?

Plz tell me where I can find essays on all subjects which can be used for academic as well as competitive purposes.