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“the English settlers founded colonies to escape religious oppression in England.” evaluate this sentence?how?

I dk see How i could possible evaluate that. Do I have to tell them why? It already says why, i dk what to do. ugh… i dk what to do, my mind just went blank. somebody help! (AP essay)

Please help me with this essay and tell me what you think and if you can, evaluate it and analyze.?

Reflection Essay It is not easy for a second language student to reflect and relate to the fundamental of English writing. There are many new strategies, new skills and development that one should know such as writing. Writing in English has always been my toughest challenge as a student because there are many things that […]

Is it true that for OCS Essay, they have a professional to evaluate your penmanship and writing style?

No. It is reviewed by the OCS Board which will be made up of well educated Officers who will note blatant errors which show a lack of education…Please feel free to email me if you would like me to review it…

What Does Evaluate Mean?

I’m writing an essay for communicable diseases and for my D1 criteria it requires you to evaluate the factors that affect the transmission of diseases upon the international community. What does this mean? Does it mean give reasons like why it affects the transmission of disease or something else? User tags:what does it mean when […]

Can someone evaluate my college essay please?

Does it answer the question, is it dull? Is it to serious Does the story make sense, do the connections make sense? What kind of person do you think I am after reading this? Would you accept me to your college? Be mean guys, please.. I know it’s really choppy but I’m not sure how […]