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What are some good examples for topic sentences?

I have an essay to write about technological advancements, and I’m not quite sure as to what kind of topic sentence I should write. Does anyone have any ideas?

What are 3 cited examples of contrapasso from”Dantes Inferno”?

need help in my essay and this would boost my ideas a ton, thanx.

What is a counter-argument and what are some examples?

i need to write a counter argument essay on hercules. i need help

Examples of having to fight for freedom from oppressor?

I am doing an essay for my AP English class about a quote used by Martin Luther King Jr. uses in the “Letter From Birmingham Jail”. The quote I have chosen to use is: “… freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”Can you give me 2 or […]

Examples of social injustice today?

I need some examples of social injustices in the world, preferably in America, today. I need a good one too because I have to write an essay about it for english User tags:Social Injustice ExamplesExamples of Injustice TodayIn today\s society it seems like social injustice is often more likely than social justice and participation by […]

Examples when terrorism was used as self-defense?

Once again, this questions is for an essay. I am not a terrorist! Please provide sources/links as it is for an essay.Also, any circumstances where terrorism was justified?BESIDES HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI!

Help with essay/Thesis? editing, examples, suggestions? 10pts best answer!?

Im trying to write an essay that explains why technology, especially the use of computers is essential for children to be more and more familair with at an early age. Im going to be a teacher and I think that more use of computers in the classroom would be inherety beneficial to a childs future […]

What are some examples of future trends in consumer electronics?

I need to pick one for an essay, but I’m kind of confused on what to pick. This seems like such a broad spectrum. I’m asking for some examples to help clarify what a topic for this would be. Thanks a bunch!

What are some examples of racism in “The Help” movie?

I have an essay and im having a real hard time of thinking of really good DETAILED examples of how racism was shown in “The Help”. PLEASE HELP!

Essay help! Give examples!?

can you remember a time when someone laughed at you or made fun of you? or a time when you did that to someone else? or when you felt judged by people or when you judge someone else then realized later you were wrong? or you thought something that happened to someone was funny until […]