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What is another word for express?

I’m writing an essay for english about school uniforms. And i need to say they would help kids express themselves because instead of expressing themselves through clothes they would have to express themselves through words and actions. But i need another word for express, because otherwise I would have to use it like 20 times […]

How did the allied leaders express hypocrisy by convicting japanese and german leaders for war crimes?anyone?

this is for an essay btw=/ it also says to relate it to the holocaust, battle of berlin, rape of nanjung, operation thunderclap, freebombing of tokyo, hiroshima, nagasakianyone have any ideas? they will be appreciated soo soo much

Descriptive essay, I have to express what I felt, heard, seen, tasted, and smelled. Second Part of THREE?

The ceremony was too long. The priest, thinking that he has the right to guide two people in a situation that he has never or ever will be a part of. Incase you do not get it, I am talking about marriage. Goes ahead and speaks to them in front of all of us with […]

Am I allowed to use the first person in my extended essay in art, in order to express my own opinion?

Using first person is frowned upon, since it draws attention away from the subject and turns an objective paper into a personal matter.The reader can safely assume that whatever isn’t quoted must be your opinion, since you are the author. There is no need to remind them of that fact.