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10 Statistics Questions. Who’s feeling extra helpful today?

Question 1 (Essay Worth 3 points)A can of Pepsi is supposed to contain, on the average, 12 ounces of soda with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. Suspecting fraud, you take a random sample of 40 cans and measure the amount of Pepsi in each. Your measurements show that the 40 cans had a mean […]

Please help me.. I am feeling really sad..?

I have no one to turn to, so I hope you guys can help.Today, at school, I got an F on a test. I NEVER get Fs! I don’t know what happened! I just froze on the test, it’s really weird. Then, what’s worse was that my techer caught me copy alot of phrases in […]

What are some fun ways to write an essay instead of feeling bored and not doing it?

Especially a long comparison/contrast essay?

The novel To Kill a Mockingbird what chapter is Scout asking Jem about feeling sorry for he jews?

I have an essay and i can’t find anything. Help please.!

Quotes about Hester Prynne feeling sad/guilty?

Scarlet letter—-Hester prynee—-I need quotes about her feeling sad! I am trying to write an essay but can not find anything about her feeling sad/guilty/hurt etc about what she has done. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

Feeling Sick, could it be from stress? Please Read?

Hi I’m Kate and I’m 13. So I’m a student that likes to get stuff done early. So this morning I finished my math homework. Then, I only had to finish only 2 more paragraphs of an essay.Today I’ve had lots of interruptions that have gotten in the way. 1. Eye appointment in the morning2. […]

Please somebody…Is it ok to email my psychologist if I’m feeling overwhelmed to the point of crisis?

I see a psychologist through a local hospital, I’ve been seeing her for a couple months for depression/anxietyShe gave me her work email address on a business card a while back when I was having a hard time w/ a homework assignment…said that I could email my essay to her & she’d read itI saw […]

Feeling lifeless and hopeless about the future?

Now that college is coming up, I’m feeling absolutely devastated and empty? I’ve always had problems with depression and existential issues, but I’m just not feeling it anymore? I feel like I have no spark to live life, that I have to overexaggerate positive emotions just to get by? I’m extremely moody and swingy and […]

I have this uneasy feeling after I graduated from college recently.?

College is like a fantasy! Oh, How I enjoyed going to parties, hanging out with friends till dawn, cramming essays and last minute studying. Enough of that, after graduating in March 2011. Instead of moving back home right away, I decided to stay around the campus until commencement which is in June. I’m planning to […]

I have this sinking feeling that I didn’t do well for my best subject…?

I don’t mean to brag, but English has always been my best subject, I constantly get 80% and above for it. However, in a recent exam, where I had to write an essay, I was somewhat in a daze (felt rather feverish, but not enough to warrant me dropping out of the exam) and by […]