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Need help with AP Euro question please (French Revolution)?

We have an essay due. We have to analyze the role and the extent to which each social group gained or lost during the revolution. I don’t know how to do this for the Sans-culottes and the Jacobins. Can someone help me? Also, do the French Jacobins have anything to do with the Scottich Jacobites?(Personal […]

Question about french?

My teacher corrected my french essay and crossed out “qu’est alle dans le bras qui m’a rehydratee” and put pmr over it. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? What is wrong with that phrase?

English to french : P?

i need to study how to say basic sentences, I already translated this so settle down, but i used a dictonary. And i want it to be accurate so i want someone who speaks french to help me out : P. here it is:I can’t fit on the runway!Hurry up! Taylor is walking…or trying to […]

Deciphering French SMS?

I’m having trouble understanding the SMS below. Help anyone?cc ma puce bn vlajvé essayé detrefranc tou é moi cmerveilleu mé lémeileur choze onune fin g peur de tefair du mal a lor nacherch pa acomprendre foumoi la pé é pui tu cjaim mon ex dslcheri bnne journé a+enfin c la vi tu c bnmon ex […]

Please check my French essay 10 points?

Your Open Question: is a bit of a cheek Please check for mistakes, this is dreadfuly important, 10 points for your hard work.J’habite avec ma mère. Mes parents sont divorcé, heureusement, je m’entends bien avec eux. Ma mère est extrêmement gentil, intelligent branchée, elle travail avec étudiants handicapés! Elle est de taille moyenne, blonde, et […]

French Revolution Essay Help Please?! Marie Antoinette?

‘The Responsibility for the French Revolution was hers and hers alone.’ How far is this interpretation justified?(her being Marie Antoinette)I can’t decide where to begin; my problem is mainly that I cannot think of what to write about. If someone said to me: ‘You need to write a paragraph about ______’ Then I could do […]

Can someone help with a few french phrases?

i wrote an essay in french about my christmas holidays and apparently according to my french teacher it doesn’t have enough french phrases…i worked really hard on the essay and so far i haven’t really been able to come up with any phrases that make sense and are some what complex,so could anyone help me?the […]

Can someone check the grammar (French)?

Ce que j’ai fait la semain passée j’ai été faire du shopping a le centre commercial et mangé poutine. Puis je suis rentrer à la maison et essaye sur les vêtements nouvelles j’ai acheté. Le dimanche je suis restée à la maison et fini mes devoirs puis je suis a pris un bain avant je […]

I’m writing an essay on the French Rev. and needing help?

The essay im writting is a data based question/statement “During the French Revolution, ideas and events influenced women to break from the conformities of their society and fight for their civil rights” the thesis is supposed to be like a statement on this rather than a repeating most of the quote, and the essay is […]

What are the differences and similarities between the French and American Revolutions?

i have an essay, like usual, and it is based upon my thesis: A revolution is a rebelious movement of the people for a needed change usually caused by the lack of government attention, money, and food the receive. also if there are an tips on how to open my essay please include them…thanksediee eden