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WHat is a thesis I can use for my Great Gatsby essay relating to money or dreams?

the falsity of the american dream.and let me guess (read profile description) you’re korean!

Using the Great Gatsby, of Mice and Men, and Grapes of Wrath, how would I define what it means to be American?

F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck are both authors who helped create the American literary tradition.As a result, they both probably have ideas about what it means to be American.Examples would be helpful!For those of you thinking that I’m some high-school sophomore trying to get my essay question answered, this is for my book-club.So please, […]

How do jay gatsby and willy from death of a salesman wear a mask?

in the books the great gatsby and death of a salesman, how do gatsby and willy wear masks. what is the cause of them wearing a mask and what are 3 effects. also if there are any quotes or previous essays/topics written about this, sendd. thanks

In what other ways is Jay Gatsby misguided?

I’m writing an essay on the great gatsby and i am saying that Gatsby will do anything at this point, Gatsby will do anything to win Daisy back all for himself. I am saying that gatsby is a misguided individual and i only have one example so far that proves he is misguided (he needs […]

Need help getting started for the Great Gatsby essay?

I need to write an analysis of Daisy , her traits, by giving examples of reactions to various incidents, statements made, and changes the character may have undergone during the course of the novel.If someone could help me get ideas that would be great and helpful . I just know that Daisy stayed the same […]

The great gatsby and passing … please help!?

The richly historic city of New York City is a popular setting for fiction and film. Reflecting on our works, what image of the Big Apple emerges? Is it the same/similar? Or is the impression completely different? In your essay, refer to at least two of our written works (Gatsby, Passing, Harlem Renaissance poetry). Though […]

Great Gatsby Essay? Please HELP!?

This is my essay question:Gatsby has difficulty accepting that the past is over. Where do you find evidence of his trying to recapture the past? What does this say about him? Please help, I only know of him telling Nick he can redo the past…is there anyhting else?

Two page Great Gatsby Essay, help!?

I’m thinking about using the American Dream and something about how that relates to Gatsby, but i’m not sure how i’d approach it so that i’d have enough for two pages. If anyone has another good topic on the Great Gatsby, please feel free to mention it. Thanks!

I need a good thesis for an essay on the great gatsby saying how nick carraway could be argued as the main?

character thank you!

The Great Gatsby Essay?

I need to talk about how we can appreciate the art of the book by how it captures the “Spirit of the age”… But i dont know where to start or what to talk about. Im stuck! If anyone could help me out, that would be absolutly great!