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I’m writing an essay and a character has to go into the woods whats a good reason….?

like I was think…1.) she wanted to take a walk threw the woods2.) her mother asked her to pick some flowers out in the woodsbut both of those are stupid and don’t make sense, have any ideas?

What is a good commercial to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis essay critiqing the persuasive tecniques used?

ethos, pathos, and/or logoscritiqing the commercial’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.Thank you!And please send a link to the commercial if you have one.

What is a good title for an essay about acceptance/ tolerance of differences?

i am writing an esay about to kill a mockingbird

Does my resume look good?

ObjectiveWork hard and save money to go to college in Los Angeles next year SummaryHigh school graduateSpecialized expertise in; dog training, people skills, food handling, basic computer skillsCan type ~80 wpm, great with people and animals, hard workerWaitressed for four months in sophomore year of high school, had a small dog sitting business the summer […]

Whats a good ending sentence for my essay?

Its a report on how rain forests hold a great amount of biological diversity and they need to be preserved. So i’m totally finished but i have no clue what sentence to end it with!Please help me! i also need a title for it =[Thanks!–Ellz

What’s a good controversial racism essay topic?

I need to write a paper on racism that provides a strong argument. I cannot seem to come up with a really good, controversial topic that I can write a 15+ page paper on, while also enjoying the topic. Any suggestions would be welcome!

What is a good thesis statement for the below two stories for a comparative essay? Please Help!?

I am writing a comparative essay for two stories about war:The first story is about a man who in a civil war in Berlin, and is set on opposing sides of the army and ends up killing his own brother.The second story is about a young boy who’s father is being sent to war, and […]

Is this a thesis statement? I need a good mark for this essay.?

The main character of “The Flash” and “The Night Face Up” loses their true realities and therefore became lost to the opposite worlds presented to them in the end. (skip 1. and 2. if you want)1.The flash is about a guy who finds out about the knowledge of nothingness and that everything doesn’t fit together […]

Good essay words to use in social?

we are doing Globalization and the question is”Should Canada Embrace Globalization”Please help

What is a good title for a comparative essay between me and a classmate?

“No one is the same,” or “everyone is difference,” or “differences between you and I” by