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How should I finish my grabber in my introduction?

I’m writing an essay about what makes a classic graphic novel and I chose to use an imagery grabber but I’m having a hard time finishing it. Any ideas?Parked comfortably at her couch, the girl eagerly flips through the slippery pages, excitement bottling deep within as she anxiously anticipates the end of the chapter through […]

What is a good attention grabber to put in my intro to my essay?

My essay is about me respecting my older brother.

Writting a panda essay need attention grabber!?

10pts for best answer

I need a good grabber for my essay on World War II.?

I’m writing an essay about the lessons we learned from WWII to keep us out of another war. I haven’t written my thesis yet either. My central idea is “Mistakes in warfare.”

Attention grabber for essay?

I’m writing an essay on how Spanish has given me a greater global perspective. Any ideas for an attention grabber? User tags:contentattention grabber about God

What’s a good grabber for an essay?

what’s a good grabber for an essay about relationships in a novel? these relationships greatly affected the plot and characters…thank you(:

A good attention grabber for an essay?!?

i’m trying to write an essay about an unforgettable experience and i’m having trouble, any ideas?

Help with an attention grabber!?

I am writing an essay on how imprisonment costs are very expensive and we have to create a new form of prison such as put them on an island and other things. I need an attention grabber about this topic…please help…and I will return the favour… User tags:attention grabber for yurok tribe ?

I need help on a grabber sentence for who’s philosophy made the most sense for America in the 1960′s MLK or MX?

we are writing an essay on who’s philosophy is better for america in the 1960′s Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. And I am having trouble with a grabber sentence. help please

Persuasive essay attention grabber?!?

I need a good attention grabber for an essay my topic is: ” Some high schools in the U.S. have considered separate classrooms for male and female students such as mathematics and science. In your opinion should high schools create separate classes for male and female students?”