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Quotes on how greek mythology is used today?

Hi, i have to write an essay on how Greek Mythology is evident in our culture today and the purpose of it being a major part of the English Currriculam. i am looing for a quote that will help explain some of this as an introduction attantion grabber. can somebody please help me find a […]

I need help with a greek mythology essay (zeus and his lovers)?

I need a thesis statement for my essay. I want to prove zeus was a bad guy for having all those lovers but I don’t know how to write a thesis statement with that. HELP PLEASE!

Ancient Greek entertainment vs Ancient Roman entertainment?

For all those historians and such I need some help for my essay. I need to know what the entertainment was used for on both sides, Greek and Roman. Why it was used, how it differed, and everything that you can tell me please.

Why is Jason (Greek mythology her) not considered to be as great a hero as Odysseus?

I have to write an essay comparing Odysseus and Jason, but i want to know why jason is not considered to be as good of a hero as odysseus is.

How were the three early civilizations similar? (Egyptian Persian and Greek)?

Essay question. I need a few examples

What was the role of masks in ancient greek theatre?

I need to write a 500 word essay on greek masks and i only have 248 and all the onfo i find is the same. Please help no stupid answers please like do your own homework.

Does anyone know about Greek Comedy?

i am doing an essay on Greek comedy and i have books about it but i need 3 more works cited from websites. if anyone can help or tell me what they know about Greek Comedy. thank u.

How is “Echo and Narcissus” Important to Greek Mythology?

I am writing an essay paragraph and I’m going crazy! For the essay, we have to have 3 points on why the myth is important to the study of Greek Mythology and why. I have 2 points: It tells us what the Greeks taught using stories, and what the Greeks thought of ignorance. I NEED […]

What font would be good to use on an essay about Greek and Roman Mythology?

Here are several free fonts that would be good (some might be better just for the title, depending on whether you want a mixture of capital and small case letters for the main body of your text):GREEKGreek [external link] …Diogenes [external link] …ROMANTara type [external link] …Caesar [external link] [external link] …Trajan [external link] …Pompaneji […]

At my school they are tryin to get rid of greek mythology i need reason why they should keep it?

they are trying to do away w. it and i need to write an essay explaining why they shouldnt helppppp