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10 Statistics Questions. Who’s feeling extra helpful today?

Question 1 (Essay Worth 3 points)A can of Pepsi is supposed to contain, on the average, 12 ounces of soda with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. Suspecting fraud, you take a random sample of 40 cans and measure the amount of Pepsi in each. Your measurements show that the 40 cans had a mean […]

Correcting an essay…(10 points for most helpful answer)?

So i got my essay back and there were some marks on it (from my teacher grading it etc) and he said if you want a better grade just correct everything he marked. And the problem im having is that i don’t know what some of the marks mean can anybody give me a website […]

Any helpful sites for info.on wildlife threats/depletion?

im writing an essay and it sucks so please help

Proofread my essay please? :) Constructive Criticism would be helpful!?

Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is about a hobbit that is on a journey to destroy a ring because of a wizard’s advice. He is accompanied by other hobbits, the wizard, a man, dwarves, and elves along the way. They battle demonic creatures and ghosts that intend on taking the ring from them […]

Would appreciate helpful critisim and proofreading?

If anyone could go through this and offer some helpful critisim on how to improve it, I would appreciate it : ] And, I do have a question, take that community guidelines! When it is considered correct to underline a word whilst writing an essay where you’re referring to both a town, show and film […]

Review my essay? Helpful ideas?(10 pts!)?

So i had to write an essay about myself so i can get accepted into HOSA (health occupation students of america) class at school.Review my essay? I could use the help. (im horrible at writing)My sophmore year is coming to an end and I have been constantly bombarded with questions in my head, What are […]

Can anyone give me some helpful suggestions as what to memorise for an exam on ‘to kill a mockingbird’?

ok, i’m asking if anyone could suggest some quotes, or give me some good website you’ve discovered, that helps students study tkam. i’m sorta confused, because our teacher didn’t relly teach us how to answer essay quaestions, and employ literary devices whne anwering. so could someone please help me? -confused student-