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What are some characteristics of Louis XIV that are heroic?

I’m writing an essay for my history class about why Louis XIV was heroic. Do you have any ideas about why Louis XIV was a hero? For example, heroic characteristics include: individual vision, morality, wisdom, positive leadership, perseverance, had significant contribution to improve society. If you could give examples to justify these characteristics, taht’d be […]

What heroic woman can I write about? (read details)?

What heroic American woman can I write an essay about? I have to write a 400-600 word essay telling an inspiring story of one heroic American woman showing how her life and heroic achievement connects to at least one constitutional right secured in the Bill of Rights and connects to me personally. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Incredible, heroic and impressive events in Rip Van Winkle?

I’m taking notes for this upcoming essay on Rip Van Winkle. I need to describe events from the story that were incredible, heroic, impressive, magical and mysterious.I’m having trouble with the first three. The other 2, magical would be the games of nine-pins with the group of strangers. Mysterious, would be the stranger from the […]

I need a dead congress man that has a heroic story about him and how he changed america for the good…?

i am doing an essay on a congressman that heroically changed america for the good. Please someone that is already dead! I get too much politics if they are alive.

How does the formerly noble and heroic Othello redeem himself in his final speech?

how does he regain his former stature in the speech? consider his degree of remorese and self understanding before he stabs himself.last essay question and i need some help! pleasee give me your thoughts ad specific evidence an/or quotes from the book! thankssss

Does anybody know of some qualities that sre considered HEROIC by Homer?

im doin an essay on the iliad. the topic of discussion is when and if Achilles follows the heroic code. if u know of places in books 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 16, 18, 22, or 24 of the illiad pleez let me know. Any little tidbit of help will be appreciated. THANX