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The History of The Peloponnesian War HELP!?

I’ve got an essay due by the 23rd, didn’t write anything, and forgot to read the 20-hour long book (literally, I checked)! Does anyone have a summary? Sparknotes had NOTHING. Wikipedia only helps a little… I need to know everything necessary to write a five page in-depth paper by the 23rd! HELLLPPPPPPP!(yes, I am going […]

Need Global Help. I have a global history essay due tomorrow about feudalism in europe and japan.?

Just wondering if anyone happened to already wright one that i could use. Would really appriciate it. If anyone does i have a 20 dollar target gift card i could email you.

How to analyse history, not just repeat it?

Can you give me some tips on how to analyze?My history teacher says my essays don’t have enough “analytical discussion”

Please help with my history test?

Post your position essay supporting or denouncing Jefferson’s right to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase with France. This should be a well-developed essay with three paragraphs. Provide examples from your investigation to support your argument. Summarize your position with a solid conclusion. Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. and Thirty-six years before the invention of […]

Art history help with essay please?

I have an essay topic as follows: Select two works of art, each from a different culture and art historical period, whose outcome was ultimately determined by patronage. Discuss the nature of the patronage and how elements such as material, composition, style and technique were consequences of the patronage.what I want to know is what […]

History IB extended essay?

Hi,Looking for topics for my extended essay and want to do something on revolutions, particularly either the American or Russian. Any ideas about how I could connect the two? or specific aspects I could focus on on one or the other?So far I have ideas about :The problems faced by pre-revolutionaries in America and Russia […]

History medicine question?

I have a history essay due in, the question is, How was the theory of the four humours important to medicine?! Can someone please help!:(

Was 9/11 the most significant terrorist event in history?

Im doing a history essay on the subject above. and i would like to know what others think as i am only 14 i am slightly biased as it is the biggest in my lifetime but if any one else had experiences opinions or anything to share please do as to could help me wright […]

I Need A Newspaper Title! For My History Essay?

My Teacher Told Me To ” Complete A Newspaper Report On ‘German View’ Of The Treaty Of Versailles And Must Suffer From Concsious Bias” Now… i need A Headline Can You Help!


hi guys! this is an excerpt from my essay about the Navigation acts. can you proofread it and give any suggestions on how to make it better? the last sentence sounds kinda wierd to me. thank you so much!The colonists were restricted in many ways by the trade laws that were established. For example, the […]