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Holocaust essay, i need help asap. (about hiding the holocaust evidence.)?

hi, okay i need help as SOON as possible.i have this big essay due tomorrow, about how twards the end of the holocaust, when the nazis knew they were losing- how they tried to hide the evidence. (evidence meaning dead bodies etc.) so please help me if you have any idea of what i can […]

Jewish Holocaust and Ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia?venn diagram.?

In social studies we are writing an essay about the same’s and differences of the “Jewish holocaust during WW2 & ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990′s”i am doing a VENN DIAGRAM which are those two moments in historyare alike,and different?

Creative title for essay on the Holocaust?

I’m trying to think of a title that really describes how horrible the Holocaust was, but it’s not to obvious that the essay is straight up about the Holocaust…ideas? User tags:Holocaust Title IdeasGood Titles for Holocaustgood titles for holocaust essayswhat are some good titles for holocaust essays

Could the trans-atlantic slave trade be considered a holocaust?

I have an argumentative essay that asks whether the trans-atlantic slave trade can be called a holocaust of enslavement. Because there are many who do not agree to call it a ‘holocaust’. What are your views? Please explain with reasons! thank you! give as many points as you can i really need help with this! […]

Why do people believe in the Jewish holocaust when Auschwitz keeps lowering it’s numbers. It’s 1 million now?

Preliminary note: This essay is dedicated to Holocaust revisionist scholar Dr. Robert Faurisson. He was the first to point out the chemical and toxicological impossibility of these Auschwitz gas chamber stories. [external link] …

Lessons learned from the Holocaust?

As a part of my final english exam, I am being asked to write an essay on 2 lessons I learned from the Holocaust? What are some ideas to get me started?

Holocaust points for essay?

Question: Explain the factors that led Hitler and the Nazi party to try and create the ‘Master Race’ in Germany. Look at the history of anti-Semitism and Hitler’s response to Jews and then discuss how and why the Nazis implemented their policies and why you think the German people supported their actions?Can you give me […]

How does the problem of evil and theodicy relate to the Holocaust?

..Im an a-level student. this essay needs to be completed by tomorrow :/

Displaced persons camps during the holocaust?

So i’m busy doing this essay on displaced persons camps during the holocaust with regards to the Jewish people living there. I’m supposed to comment on the treatment they recieved, but every website tells me something different. Some say they were treated good and others say they were treated bad. I’m very confused and just […]

How should I start my Essay about the Holocaust?

How about something that talks about how studying history is important so that we can learn from the past to make the future better. Then go into what we should learn from the Holocaust so that genocide can be stopped.