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Homework Help! PLEASE HELP ME! essay due tomorrow:s?

Okay so i have to write an essay, about analyzing lyrics, i have decided what lyrics i am going to analyze but i dont know what to write about it. Can anyone explain what the figuritive language means? or anything else you can say about the lyrics! PLEASE! THANKS!Here are the lyrics i am planning […]

Parents and homework?

My parents are always butting in on homework, when I am a good student and do (eventually) get everything done. I find it obnoxious that my mom is constantly bugging me, so I’ve gone to just not telling her about anything since it just makes it so much more stressful! I have a good overall […]

English Homework Help !?

Hey I have a mid term and my teacher gave the class the passage that the essay will be on but she didn’t give the class the essay question or topic to write on. I need help analyzing the passage but she gave the class a hint like” why John Laroche is the way he […]

Persuasive essay help; less homework?

For an eighth grade, I have to write a persuasive open letter, in the format ‘intro, two body paragraphs, counter-argument (with rebuttal), conclusion’. I chose less homework (since I have done it before and I can think of solid reasons), and wrote ”Dear eighth grade teachers’. My reasons for less homework were that more homework […]


“When Trudeau died in 2000, his state funeral was a national event.” why did the author use complex sentences instead of only simple sentences? Also if you may know give me a complex sentence about your own bout Trudeau. 2.How understanding an essay helps you write an essay. Need it quick, Thanks !


WE read a book called Lord of the Flies. We have to write a character essay on one of the main characters from the book. I chose Jack but now I can’t think of any ideas and can’t change my character.We have to have three main idea about the character about their personality and all […]

AHHHHHH last minute homework!?

i have to write a persuasive essay for my 8th grade class…. it’s gotta be about something i know. it has to be controversial but it doesn’t havea to be big… some people are writeing about my schools sexist dress code.

Please help me with my science homework!?!?!?

I have to write an essay, i have no idea what to do! Its really hard to understand, please explain the question or what i have to do, or if you get it then please just write part of it or…. I don’t know, just help me please! it is due tomorrow and i don’t […]

Geography Homework – Flood Defences?

Hey I have a geography essay due in a few days time and my 8th grade geography class is studying flooding and flood defences. What are some examples of flood defences? (like flood barriers etc) and why they prevent flooding. The question was “Using examples that you have studied describe and explain how flooding can […]

LYRIC HELP please, :) Its for homework..?

I’m writing an essay for my Honors English, over the summer homework. We had to read a book of our choice, and find a song that fits the theme of the book. The novel i picked was “Get Well Soon” by Julie Halpern. Its about a teenage girls parents betray her and put her in […]