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Whats a good hook for a essay about a death in my family?

i have to have a good opening sentence. should it be a quote or a bible verse? or just a memory? if so some examples?

Whats a good hook for my essay?

I’m writing an essay about the importance of names in The Bean Trees and The Scarlet Letter and I’m trying to think of a good hook.. something like.. idk.. names identify us.. or.. imagine if your name was something else, would you still be the same person?.. like something along those lines haha.. any ideas?!

I need help writing a hook for my bible as/in literature essay?

I was assigned Matthew 26 1-28:10 and I know the story and i did a powerpoint presentation on it but I just cant think of a good hook for my opening paragraph can you please help? thanks !

Whats a good hook for a essay about fahrenheit 451?

im writing an essay on the themes… so i dont know how to begin… i need a good hook….and maybe find out what clincher and transition are…help anyone please! :S User tags:a good hook for fahrenheit 451fahrenheit 451 theme paper hookgood hooks for farenheit 451 paperhook phrase for fahrenheit

How do I write a good hook for my essay?

I need an attention-grabbing hook for the beginning of my essay. It’s on relationships…and how strong personalitites ruin friendships. (like capulets and montagues from Romeo and Juliet, or Ralph and Jack from Lord of the flies).

Need help with a catchy hook for my english 2 advanced essay?

if i want to get into eng 2 adv. next year, i need to apply for it with a 5-7 paragraph essay about why i should be in that class nexyt year. i need a good hook to get the teacher interested right from the beginning. a good quote about going ahead or a good […]

Is this a good hook for a english essay? please i need to know!?

have you ever dreamed of somethin and realized it’s too good to be true or it will never happen? In literature, often times characters are stuck in illusions and eventually forced to face reality.watd you think?

I’m writing an essay on global warming. what is a good hooK?

also, i have to write about the following 1)world is turning hot, flat (everyone in this world is becoming the same; becoming more middle class) and crowed, 2) reduce dependency on oil might affect countries, 3) reducing global warming. What are some thing that i can write about?

I need a hook sentence for my Of Mice and Men essay?

my thesis is “sacrificing something you love is beneficial to you and those around you”also,any thesis revisions would be helpful too.thanks!

I need a good hook for a persuasive essay on Barack Obama !?

who wants another hitler?