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Would using an idea from an answer be considered plagiarism?

I asked a question for an idea on an attention getter for my essay. If i used the attention getter they gave me would that plagiarizing? could i get in trouble for that?

What does Christine M. Korsgaard mean by the idea…?

… that the psychic unity of a rational agent is ultimately grounded in the principles of practical reason, such as the hypothetical and the categorical imperatives?It’s a question hat I have to answer in an essay. Can someone tell me what exactly it’s asking for?We also have to illustrate it using examples.Also, is psychic unity […]

What is a good essay idea for To Kill A Mockingbird?

Any good topics for me to use that aren’t cliched? (Such as racism, prejudice, familial roles, etc)I dont want you to write my essay I’m just looking for good ideas.

Idea for essay topic : Good vs Evil?

I have an essay in class tomorrow, and This is the topic, any ideas on it?Good vs. Evil

Im writing an essay, but can u tell me if this idea is possible?

here goes:A girl was on a camping trip in a nature reserve when she was awaken late one night by a strange noise.i want to write that the noise was caused by smugglers moving contraband cigarettes, and they were going to hide the cigarettes in a nature reserve. The girl found them and informed the […]

What’s the main idea of basic human rights?

i need to write essays on the basic human rights, declaration of independence, the declaration of the rights of man, and the enlightenment. can anyone help please? “]

Is transferring to reset my gpa a good idea to get into an ivy?

I have decided to transfer out of the current university that I am currently attending, I have not been very happy with this school and as a result my gpa has suffered. I currently have a 3.0 :/Also, I am currently a sophomore.My 3 year old SAT scores are o.k. Reading: 610 Math: 610 (didn’t […]

Can you help me come with an idea to writing an essay about Language?

so I don’t know to much about essay but I’m 75 percent good once I get my introduction good and so that is the only problem so I need help about Language introduction and thesis statement. so the topic again is Language or whole process unify or subjective identity. thanks in advance

Topic idea for a factual essay?

I have to write a non-biased factual essay for tomorrow and i don’t have a topic and cannot think of one!anyone got an idea?any tips on writing a factual essay would be highly appreciated

My brain doesnt work! Can someone please give me an idea QUICK? For my essay!?

OK, so I said something like:”A sitcom is not usually the right tool for satire, as it is way more than just trivial comedy. The laughing background track of stereotypical sitcoms directs your attention towards the surface of the joke more than its depth.”Ok, now I need to make it funny. HOW DO I DO […]