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Help me choose a name + ideas? ?

Okay for language arts class we have to create a character and then write an expository essay about them. Right now I’m having difficulty choosing a first name and coming up with a last names. Here’s a basic description:My character is a female teenager aged 15-17 residing in Los Angeles where she has just opened […]

I have to write a 750 essay and i need some topic ideas?

i have to write a 750 word essay about a skill that most people do not have. If they had this skill they could benefit from it. I have to write this essay to persuade my instructor why people should mast er this skill and how they would bentefit from it.

Help me think of ideas for my essay?

My thesis statement for my synthesis essay to connect The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby and The Death of a Salesman is “It is impossible to maintain honor and also achieve success.” Could anybody give me any ideas for my 3 body paragraphs I’m having trouble of thinking of which direction to go in. […]

Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?

I want the hidden agenda to be something about society that a grumpy old man would care about. Nothing about healthcare, medicare, etc…

Ok, if you have read the jungle book, watched the cartoon version and the live action plz help!I need ideas?

Ok, im doing a essay on which 1 is the best and compare em the best answer wins 10 points..Also pick the live action, the cartoon, or the book and tell which 1 is the best and compare ty!

Descriptive essay ideas…..?

For a descriptive essay, I am either thinking of describing a pet store/zoo or a Thanksgiving dinner. I am having trouble deciding which topic has more to describe. Any ideas? What could I describe for these topics or any other ideas? I was thinking for a Thanksgiving dinner describing the decorations, food, and the people […]

Definitive essay ideas?

Can anyone give me an idea for a term for a definitive essay? Something that’s not too normal, yet not far too abstract?

What are some secrecy ideas i can use for my Frankenstein essay?

Passages that reveal the idea of secrecy or where secrecy is an essential element of meaning, in the book Frankenstein. thanks

I have to pick a topic to write an essay about the theory of mulitple intelligences by howard gardner. ideas?

it can be anything that relates to the theory of multiple intelligences.

What can you make an essay out of photography? Some ideas please.?

I’m doing my senior project on photography , but not sure on what to write the paper.. Thanx