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What should I include as a writing sample?

So I’m getting into the thick of internship applications and a lot of the apps are asking for writing samples along with the resume. I’ve typically avoided these because I’m unsure of what the heck they are, but since I need an internship this summer I’m just going all out.So basically I’ll be applying to […]

Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writer’s personal viewpoints…?

Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writer’s personal viewpoints. This type of nonfiction is known as which of the following?A. speech B. essay C. lyric D. short story User tags:Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writers personal viewpoints This type of […]

Could I Include This In A Essay?-[10 Points Best Answer].!?

I am doing an essay about Neanderthals & I have to include secondary sources, Could I include a whole newspaper article? Like this one?-(You don’t have to read it im just asking if maybe I should shorten it down).Rather than being outwitted by the more numerous early humans, Neanderthals were just as sophisticated – but […]

Is it proper to include profanity when quoting for an essay?

I’m writing a paper for my English 1102 class on Gran Torino, the movie. Almost everything Walt(the main character) and pretty much everyone else says in this movie contains profanity. Is it proper when when quoting the characters for my paper to include the profanity, or are you supposed to censor it?

How do you include footnotes and/ or endnotes on an essay?

What are they for exactly and how do you use them? I have an essay due and the professor wants me to include footnotes and end notes. Honestly I have no clue as to what that is. I mean i have seen footnotes but dont read them so im not sure what they are for. […]

What things should I include in an introduction letter to a gym teacher?

It’s an assignment and it needs to be three paragraphs.I was thinking paragraph 1 should be basic information about me. 2nd paragraph should be about things I like/dislike related to sports.What should the third paragraph be about?I’m also pretty blank on the overall letter. I feel like I’m just stating something about myself and moving […]

Can you include pictures in your college essay?

You could, but the admissions office is interested in assessing how well you express yourself through your writing, not your photography skills. Plus, if you’re submitting online, I’d be worried about it screwing up the formatting.

Whats a good transition sentence to include in a persuasive essay?

Although there are some who would argue that (insert opposing here), the reality is that (Insert your argument here).Despite popular belief, (subject) is actually (argument).Honestly, a basic layout of your essay would make it easier to customize for. These are pretty general templates.

What would you include in an essay that would go to a vet tech school?

Your previous experience with animals, animals you have, how you’ve helped them, etc. I might include any experience you have with a particular breed, if you are involved in any animal rights committees, etc. I would definitely include any volunteer work you have done, or start doing it now so you can include it like […]

What are some of the most important things to include in’s application?

Hi everyone,I am hoping to apply for for the Winter term of next year and have been hearing about numerous people who were turned down their first time applying. If anyone has experience with the process of applying, would you mind sharing a few tips?Going to Animation Mentor really means a lot to me […]