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Romeo and Juliet?

I got assigned an essay on R’J.prompt says:Explain the role fate plays in the play. Explain how symbols, images, and repeated ideas are used to point to and explain the role of fate in the play. How are various literary elements used to show us that fate is in control and that Romeo and Juliet […]

In the play Romeo and Juliet, how does Juliet make the audience sympathise with her in act three scene five?

i just need a few sentences to help with my essay. i dont want a full detailed answer because that wouldnt be fair on the others but can you please give me a few sentences. thank you for your time!

Does anyone know where i can get notes and quotes from for my romeo and juliet essay?

the essays title is “how does shakespeare create tension prior to act 1 scene five”please! i really need help!

Romeo and Juliet Essay? Grammar Check!?

Okay here it is,Fate is a power that predetermines the events in ones life and can never be changed; it is a path of destiny that influences the lives of people drastically. However, the aspect of fate is strong in the unfortunate play of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare because, fate controls and destroys […]

How is love portrayed in act I of Romeo and Juliet.?

I have to write an essay and I need three ways that Shakespeare presents love in the first Act of Romeo and Juliet. So far I have that love is superficial, physical, and is shown with courtly love. If anyone can help, that will greatly be appreciated.

Two example from Romeo and Juliet about: Secret’s can’t be kept forever?

I have to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet and I need 2 evidence from the book.My Theme is : Secret’s can’t be kept forever.I just need 2 direct quote from the play.Could you help me?[You can just tell me what part it is and I can look it up!]

Romeo and Juliet Essay tittle?

I need a tittle for my Romeo and Juliet essay. It is about how Lord Capulet it a bad father.

Help with a paper on Romeo and Juliet?

i need some ideas for this paper i have to write. the topic is choose 4 people or things that are to blame for what happened. i chose:-Feud because it promoted secrecy-Romeo because he was too quick and desparate for love and took things too fast (i mean married in 2 days after meeting […]

Romeo and Juliet essay… HELP!?

Okay so in english were working on essays and I totally understand but here is were I need help the topic we were assigned was which did you prefer the movie(1996) for Romeo and Juliet or the play I chose the movie so my main points are more modernized and better actors i got one […]

I’m doing an essay on romeo and juliet, the question is who is to blame for the death of romeo and juilet?

I really need some help on this essay. i’m not asking for a whole essay, i’m just asking for help, thanks.