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Does anybody know about stats/figures since the Meerkat campaign started?

I’m doing an essay on how it was successful and I need factual evidence obviously to back it upIf you don’t know stats yourself do you know of a website I could go to for this kind of info?Thanks

Anyone know how to start dispute process against education institute John Adams Virtual School?

I completed my tests and essays for this school and now i tried enrolling in school tried about 4 private and traditional schools, and none will take my HS diploma, id like to dispute this yet i dont know who to contact about this.Its really not fair, i feel like sh***

Does anoyone know where i can find a scholarship without an essay?

i am looking for scholarships without essays. does anyone know of any?

PLEASE EDIT! my essay..dont know how to end it?

grammar mistakes? Jem, Scout, and Atticus Would you find it a little strange if children were to call their parents by their first names, as opposed to addressing them as “dad”, or “mom”? In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, six year old Scout and her nine year old brother Jem have […]

Does anyone know the author of a short essay called What Would Love Do?

I found a couple of links on the subject, but I’m not sure if they’re at all what you’re looking for. Here they are: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …Hopefully one of these links can help you. Good luck!

Dude im way to dumb to know how to do this………….. please help me?

okay so my English teacher is making me right this essay, problem is i have know idea how to write it, i reaaaaaally need someone to help me. So pleasee help. The essay is on A tale of two Cities by Charles dickens. My prompt is How is the placement of minor characters essential to […]

Does anyone know where i can get notes and quotes from for my romeo and juliet essay?

the essays title is “how does shakespeare create tension prior to act 1 scene five”please! i really need help!

Plagarism how do teachers know?

How do teachers determine this? My best friend was really ill for a couple of weeks and her teacher is making her hand in her final essay still. I was going to give her mine (i had the class already last semester) but I dont want to get her in trouble. Is there anyway the […]

Doing an essay on nazis in the war and i dont know where to start?

the essay title is ‘why nazis committed such atrocities against jews and other peoplesi just dont know how or where to start.any suggestions?it will be around 1000 words long and i’m 14 so it won’t need to go into too much depth, i just dont know where to start.thanks

Well…. im doing an essay on Bill Gates and i need to know about the microsoft’s monopoly lawsuite case.?

please stick to facts not opinions or what youve heard this is an important essay