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Is this girl interested in me? (Body language question)?

For the last few weeks i’ve been on a university field trip, all of the people were nice, but this one girl in particular was something else. She’s been an acquaintance for a year and a half, but different social circles meant we rarely met outside of lectures. The work on the trip was hard […]

Best way of learning a essay in a foreign language?

i have a poetry essay to learn for my A2 irish. I need to be able to write it out word for word, does anybody have any ideas on how i learn it?

Theme HELP? for language arts homework-essay.?

I will be writing a personal narrative essay about PASSIONS, INTERESTS, OR HOBBIES so they are: cooking, photography, and watching movies, so now i need a theme and can u please give me like ideas of “hook” for my introduction that will really draw my audience to read the essay.. or a topic sentences. If […]

Am i allowed to write an essay in a different language than the teacher speaks? if so, would i get a bad grade?

i have a hard essay and i was wondering if i do this i could get an A.

Can you help me come with an idea to writing an essay about Language?

so I don’t know to much about essay but I’m 75 percent good once I get my introduction good and so that is the only problem so I need help about Language introduction and thesis statement. so the topic again is Language or whole process unify or subjective identity. thanks in advance

What is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style of writing an essay?

I am writing a 10 page research paper for my AP US History class and on the guideline paper it says that my paper should be written in MLA format.. What does this mean? What is the MLA Format/Style?

How proficient am I in this language?

Ok, so I have been studying Spanish for four years.I know I don’t have total mastery of it…but I want another’s assessment of what I can do and how much quality that lends to my proficiency.1. I can write essays, descriptions, and emails in Spanish with little or no trouble, only double-checking my grammar or […]

AP English Language and Composition Rhetorical Device Essay? ?

I have an upcoming rhetorical device essay in AP English, timed 40 minutes just like on the real AP, and I need some help. The hardest part for me is writing about the rhetorical device after identifying it. I’m really stressing out so answers/ advice about any and all parts of the essay from those […]

English is my second language so can anyone check all kind of mistakes in my essay please?

I saw , the class teacher displayed a children’s works with special board in the class room. That was the school trip based story with picture, the text of words and sentences and then children’s best art works.I’ve observed in my class, how the class teacher planned and displayed a children’s work.First, the class teacher […]

Researching “The Language of Racism”?

Hi,I am researching “The Language of Racism” for school.The key questions that I have proposed to answer are these1) What terms and words are used to demean a specific community? To what extent does this create a negative image?2) What patterns/changes can be seen from the language of racism over the past 100 years?3) To […]