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How long was Thomas Jefferson a lawyer?

I have a three page essay on Thomas Jefferson due in a week, and I was wondering how many years he was a lawyer… Can you help me? User tags:how long was jefferson a lawyerhow long was thomas jefferson a lawyer for

What would you do as the lawyer opposing erin brokovich?

i have to write an essay for science as the lawyer opposing erin brokovich.. if you’ve seen the movie or know the storyanyways, these people were getting poisoned by the chemicals in the water, and the water was used for everything: washing, drinking, swimming, anything water can be used for in everyday life.and when these […]

Is there a lawyer i can interview for a career research essay?

I chose a prosecutor or a lawyer for my career to write a report on. Does anyone know a lawyer that I can interview or is anyone a lawyer? I only need a few questions answered. I’ve looked online, but every lawyer or site I’ve found wants to charge me for any questions answered. I […]

If you were Macbeth’s lawyer, what case could you make to acquit him or reduce his sentence?

oooh a very interesting question…when I did my yr 12 english exam(ALL THOSE YEARS AGO) .. I actually did defend Macbeth… but not from a lawyer’s perspective… but in my essay I said that he was human and not evil as such .. and given the prophocies he had been given and the *encouragement* from […]

Should I get a lawyer or let my union deal with it?

I work in the medical field in. I’ve been accused of pilfering narcotics (taking them from the med cart for my own personal use). There has been absolutely no proof of the accusations made by my employer. All narcotic counts have been accurate on all shifts and they have never witnessed me taking any narcotics […]