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List movies where asian girl is paired up with a white guy?

i’m doing an essay on stereotypes in the movies, and i cant help but include the fact that in manyfilms, the asian girl is always paired up with the white guy, and its never the other way can anyone give me a list of movies where this is true?

History essay schindlers list please help?

good and bad points about schindlers list of why it is useful to help you learn about the holocaustplease tell me as much as you can

Schindler’s List & To Kill A Mockingbird?

I am currently trying to write a 3 paragraph essay on the relationship between To Kill A Mockingbird and Schinler’s List. My topic is how Schindler and Atticus are heroes. The guidlines I have to follow are:Actions –> What they didIntentions & Motivations –> What they doEffect (Effect on people)I need to be able to […]

YOU RATE IT. I wrote an essay for my Language Arts II College Prep Class. Can you list some errors.?

I wrote an essay. Can you list some errors and things that did not make sense. Let me know if it is understandable and clear and that things that you may not understand. also I need to add some similes and metaphors, can you write 2 similes i can add in the story, also 2 […]

List some failures of the NAACP to achieve their aims between 1945-1955?

I am to compose an essay of title “To what extent did the NAACP achieve its aims in the years 1945-1955?”. I feel a counter-argument would strengthen the essay, but I just can’t find a failure of the NAACP in that period to use. Does anyone have any ideas? User tags:naacp failuresfailures of the naacp

Can you please list all the ways you can think of how masculine gay men discriminate against feminine gays?

I just need some idea for this sociology paper I’m writing. I’m not at all asking anyone to write it for me. I just need some ideas because my professor wanted a five page essay with a very narrowed down topic.

Does this list need a colon, and is the capitalization correct?

Two of the major sub-themes in this film deal with the questions “Isn’t Christianity supposed to make life better?” and “What does it mean to truly follow God?”This is a sentence out of an essay for school, but I am not sure if it is grammatically correct or not? Could someone please proofread this sentence […]

Need ideas to write about key events/important events in American history? (give a list)?

I have a history project that I’m suppose to write an essay for any 3 events in American history. What are some good topics to write about? I know there must be a lot, but I want a wide list to choose from. Events such as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the American Revolution, Civil Rights Movement, […]

List of fictional heroes?

I’m writing an essay for class about who is the hero in the book we’re reading. As my attention getter i want to reference a bunch of fictional heroes. Im just making a list to brainstorm right now, and i have:Superman Batman Spider Man Wonder woman Harry Potter Indiana Jones Luke Skywalker Atticus FinchRobin Hoodwho […]

A list of high street stores in the US?

Could someone list as many high street stores as they can in the US? Sounds weird but I’m writing an essay on commercial USA. Also if it’s not too much to ask .. could you say what they are? For example : H’M – Clothing. Thanks!