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I need help writing a hook for my bible as/in literature essay?

I was assigned Matthew 26 1-28:10 and I know the story and i did a powerpoint presentation on it but I just cant think of a good hook for my opening paragraph can you please help? thanks !

What are some good books that are considered literature?

like from authors like:jane austen, emily and charlotte bronte, charles dickens, mark twain etc.i need to read one for my advanced english class, im a sophemore, so let me know some of your favorites and a little bit about what they’re about!

Good ideas for a thesis for an essay based on the literary analysis of science fiction literature in general?

Just shoot out some ideas for a thesis, looking for suggestions.

English literature a level essay help…. lyrical ballads?

I need to write an essay for my eng lit a level, this is the question,How does the Lyrical Ballads as a collection show a disintegration of “natural order” of society that Wordsworth and Coleridge believed was an ideal.i just don’t know how to start!PLEASE HELP!

Most important part of good literature?

would it be interest? doesn’t characters, conflicts, suspense, etc. create interest? so is interest the most important element of literature? this is part of an essay

How many pages are expected in a GCSE English Literature Exam?

I am aware that quality takes a precedance when writing an essay, but what is the general number of a pages required to write a good quality response i.e A*/A standard.

English Literature Essay Topic?

Hey!we are given this as an essay question and was wondering if anyone could dumb it down for me.. thanksWHAT UNDERSTANDING OF SOCIETY ARE FOREGROUNDED WHEN ONE FOCUSES ON GENDER IN A TEXT..thanks!

Response to literature essay?

i have to write a response to literature essay on a book between the golden kite and the silver wind and an hour with abuelo. i have no idea what the intro or body paragraphs have to explain. please help me

Literature Essay Edgar Allen Poe! Please Help!?

Please Help me I need to finish this quick!Write a four paragraph essay in response to the question. Be Sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. Two of Edgar Allan Poe’s Most famous poems, “The Raven” and “Annabel […]

Can I use a foreign book in the Ap English Literature exam essay?

So for the AP English Literature exam one of the essays require you to analyze a novel you have read. I wanted to ask if I am able to use a foreign book. I read the translated version of the book and I believe it is a book that I can analyze in almost what […]