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I need a description of an event from lord of the flies?

I have an essay due and, need to pick an event from lord of the flies novel and describe how i feel about it. please help me!

Lord of the flies essay?

help the questionexplain and describe the contrast between the death of simon and piggy in the lord of the flies.any help gratefulllong detailed answers even more gratefulxxx

How does Lord of the Flies Mirror Modern Society?

I have to write an essay due very soon. Links would be appreciated

What are some good openings for lord of the flies?

need help with a essay to write in symbollisim on evil and savagery ! need help!

Cons of Democracy in Lord of the Flies?

So I’m writing and essay about the ineffectiveness of democracy in William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies and I need three con’s of democracy and how it those cons are shown in Lord of the Flies.And if you could provide quotes from the book that would be lovely Thank you!

Lord of the Flies Essay. I NEED HELP!?

im doing a lord of the flies essay on foreshadowing and i need a good thesis statement but i dont know what a thesis statment is. Yah its kinda sad in a sophmore and dont know what a thesis statement is but PLEASE HELP ME !

I have to write an essay about lord of the flies…?

The directions are:”In a well-developed and supported essay, please discuss the following:-are humans essentially good or are humans essentially evil?-use either a symbol or character from the novel to illustrate position ‘use at least 3 detailed examples from the novel(quotes)-use at least 2 detailed examples from the last 50 years in history to illustrate your […]

Lord of the Flies essay help?

I’m writing an essay on Lord of the Flies, why it is controversial, and one of my body paragraphs has to do with the bad language in the book.. can anyone help me find some quotes with some curses and swears in them? thanks!

Help me with Lord of the Flies essay topic?!?!?!?

Essay topic is how is it human nature to seek power i used piggy jack and ralph as examples help help help help help

Lord of the Flies school essay help please?

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay on how Lord of the Flies is an initiation novel with Ralph. I am saying that Ralph matures in the qualities of leadership and decision making. But I am having trouble trying to find a 3rd quality and 3 examples of how Ralph matures in these ways throughout […]