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What are some characteristics of Louis XIV that are heroic?

I’m writing an essay for my history class about why Louis XIV was heroic. Do you have any ideas about why Louis XIV was a hero? For example, heroic characteristics include: individual vision, morality, wisdom, positive leadership, perseverance, had significant contribution to improve society. If you could give examples to justify these characteristics, taht’d be […]

Has anyone read the book “THE GIVER” by Louis Lowry if so Please answer the question below. 10 POINTS !?

INTRO: We just finished reading the book “THE GIVER”. Now we are playing with the theme of the book. [Sameness versus Diversity].The Essay Question is:Compare and Contrast Jonas’ world with your own. What kinds of things did Jonas community give up? What kinds of things did they gain control of? Do you think they were […]

Louis Riel: Rebel or Hero?

I’m going to do an essay on Louis Riel and the North West Rebellion/Resistance, is there more evidence of him being a rebel or a hero?

Did Henry Louis Gates know his African Studies before writing his essays blaming Africans for slave trade?

[external link] …Shouldn’t African-Americans/Africans reject this uncle-tom gatesWASH of history?

Was Louis Riel a patriot or a rebel ?

i am doing an essay on Louis Riel the essay is about my opinion whether he was a patriot or rebel. I just wanted to know some points about each. him being a rebel and patriot. PLEASE HELP MEE ! THANKS User tags:is louis riel a patriot or rebel story

What policies and major events in France helped to undermine the rule of Louis XV?

It’s an essay question only I’m not sure where to start.Any ideas for this are greatly appreciated.