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Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?

I want the hidden agenda to be something about society that a grumpy old man would care about. Nothing about healthcare, medicare, etc…

Girls… what is the most sexy thing in a man?!?

I’m writing an essay about attraction and I need some women opinions… What is the most sexy thing you find in a man? A normal guy, please… not B. Pitt or J. Depp!

Help! I don’t know why i feel this way. Aquarius and Gemini (Both man)?

Hey, guy. This Gemini guy suddenly start to be very quiet for almost 3 weeks now. We used to text morning n night everyday for 2 months and met me for a couple of time. I have never show any physical interest in the guy, the most I did was punch him on his shoulder. […]

Cinderella man?

i need help with my essay can anyone help me outthe topic isjim braddock serves as an inspiration to people during the great depression. what does he do outside of boxing ring to demonstrate inspirational qualities to others ?disscuss three specific hardships he must overcome in the filmthe things i have are get a job, […]

5 paragrpah essay on gothic view of man?

what should be my body paragrpahs n what should i write aboutit needs to inclide edgare allen poe and natille hawthorn

Marxism and The Invisible Man?

I am doing an essay for my AP English class and I need peoples opinion on the connection between Marxism and the invisible man him self…For those people who have read the book do you agree or disagree that Marxism was shown through out the book and why*Marx theory- your economic status and political views […]

Leonardos’ Vitruvian man? Essay Question?

I have an AP European history test on the Renaissance time period tomorrow and our teacher gave us the essay questions in advance so we could study better. One of the questions is this:Examine leonardo plots the perfect man. What is the purpose of Leonardo’s Vitruvian plotting? Why is it important? Human beings were viewed […]