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How many people visit Facebook in a day?

For an essay i am including how many people visit Facebook a day, I would really like in 5min, but i dont know if anyone would know that.If anyone know how many people go on facebook in 5min that would be great, or even daily would work

How many words should a brief essay be?

I’m applying for the Honors program at the college I’m going to next year and they told us to “write a brief essay about yourself” including what makes me distinctive from everyone else and why I’d be a good asset to the program. I’m only at 261 words right now and I’m running out of […]

How many wars are going on right now?

I can’t find real facts that i can use for essay. Please let me know if you know the numbers or where i can find them.I need facts that are from .org .edu or .govFacts that i can trust.Thank You.

How many americans can read?

How many Americans can not read above a 8th grade level? I need it for the essay “the human cost of an illiterate society, I am writing a rhetorical analysis.

Why do so many pretentious people go to Starbucks just to work on their laptops or read books?

You can’t go to my local Starbucks without these people who are in my opinion very pretentious, because they are just everywhere hogging up all the space, taking all the tables with their laptops while writing college essays or doing office work. And then you’ll get lots of other people just lounging around reading books. […]

How many tons (NOT tonnes) of Co2 produced by a plane in a year?

Hi, I’m writing an essay that needs the number of tons of co2 produced by your average plane in a year. I had the data but forgot to copy the website so I need a valid source so I can use it. If anyone could help I’d much appreciate it.

How many pounds of books does average kid carry each day at school?

Persuasive essay also if you’re an english teacher um what would b a good intro on perusasive essays and a good conclusion. It’s about allwoing laptops in class.

Is it okay to sacrifice one person for the benefit of many? Please answer quickly? Voting! #2?

(I didn’t get too many answers the first time I asked this. This is basically a vote. Below is the first question. I just copied and pasted it.)Yeah, I got to go somewhere soon so let’s not waste any time.I have to write an essay about whether I agree with the question above. I really […]

If 35.8 g Mg react with 82.3 g HCl according to the reaction below, how many grams of hydrogen gas is made?

If 35.8 g Mg react with 82.3 g HCl according to the reaction below, how many grams of hydrogen gas will be produced, and how many grams of the excess reactant will be left over?Unbalanced equation: Mg + HCl → MgCl2 + H2Be sure to show all of your work.Question 2 (Essay Worth 5 points)If […]

How many people have online jobs?

I am writing an essay and am looking for some facts and figures.How many people have online jobs?How many online job categories are there?Basically anything to do with online jobs would be helpful.Thanks x