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Stray pencil marks on my SAT?

So this morning I took the SATs. When the proctor called time and started to collect our booklets, I was flipping my answer booklet back to the front side and saw that a ton of my pencil marks had made imprints everywhere. My pencil was really dull so I must have been pressing pretty hard, […]

When to use italics and quotation marks (MLA) in an essay?

Ok, lets say I am citing I have a Dream by Martin Luther King…would that be in italics or QM? Thanks!

How do you edit question marks in quotations?

Hello,I am writing an essay for language arts, and I want to use this quote:”Or photos-ever notice old photographs? How wistful they make you feel?”Since I need to incorporate the quotes into my sentence, I will have something like:Cody, for instance, reveals an uncharacteristic longing for bygone times, when he asks his son if he […]

Correct usage of ‘ ‘ and ” ” marks in my essay?

i’m writing an essay on platonic love and i’m not sure how to use quotes. here’s my sentenceIt is customary in our culture today to say that we ‘love’ something when we really just ‘like’ that the correct use of ‘ ‘ marks? or should it be like this….It is customary in our culture […]

English essay..what quotation marks should i use?

i am doing an english essay, Macbeth.if i am doing passages from the book like…unhappy to learn that fleance has escaped, (‘) or (“) then comes my fit again (‘) or (“) the one line or 2 lines?THANKS ANSWER ASAP I NEEED TO GET IT IN !

Mainly i am getting less marks in essay why?

Because you can’t construct a proper sentence.

When hand writing an essay, do you underline a book movie title or put quation marks?

my book/movie title is The Odysessus.

Do I bold, italicize or put quotation marks on movie titles for an essay?

Italicize it, you only need to underline it if you are unable to italicize (for example, if you were writing it).Quotations are for shorter works like chapter titles and poems.

When ending my sentence with a quote do I put the full stop inside the quotation marks or out?

In an essay style…e.g One strong example of this in the text is when she says “I wish I was dead.”. It doesn’t look right with two full stops but which one do I keep if the quote in a sentence itself. Thanks in advance.

Does saying these things on an essay cost you marks?

In my personal opinionI believeWe as in “As we have seen….”You referring to the reader “Now you may be aware of this growing crisis, but…”My “From my past experience i know first hand the dangers of the activity”Or things such as “once I saw that happen” “I’ve had a first hand experience with it and […]