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Writing a college app. essay about being a middle child cant think of interesting attention getter!?

i have to turn in a college essay to my lit teacher that says to choose an experience in your life that illustrates a proverb or quote and i want to write about being a middle child but i cant think of attention getter that will captivate my reader i really need help so any […]

Did something happen to me between middle’ high school.?

In middle’ elementary school, I wasn’t very smart academically or socially. I always needed help to get Bs or As. I’m able to put up a persona easily to hide how I’m truly feeling around certain people (my family included). I used to not be able to hide my emotions, now I can appear perfectly […]

Major differences and similarities between the atlantic and middle east slave trade?

I have an essay i have to write about the similarities and differences between the Middle East slave trade and The Atlantic slave trade I really don’t know the major sims. and diffs. so if any body knows it would be a big help If anyone also knows other country’s roles in these like Portuguese […]

What do you think of my essay on why we should be in the middle east?

American president, George W. Bush recently sent 20,000 troops to Iraq. As like with all decisions, many disagree with his choice of actions. He may not be completely correct in your eyes; nevertheless, there is some method to his madness.To keep peace among readers, I shall admit that there is a downfall to the deployment […]

Explain the change and continuity of nationalism and national identity in the middle east and china/japan?

Essay question! help

What was the Church’s influence on the Middle Ages?

To get into more depth, how did it influence Medieval society, politics, art, architecture, literature, education and war? I have to write an in-class essay on this tomorrow and i need 2 research. I only need 2 write about 4 of these topics for my essay.Thanks.

Renaissance: continuation or a distinct break from the Middle Ages?

Was the Renaissance a period distinct from the Middle ages or was it a continuation – the high point – of the middle Ages?I am planning to write an essay supporting that the Renaissance was a continuation of the Middle Ages, since it certainly was not a sudden, clean break from the Dark Ages. Can […]

Writing an essay on the black death or “plague” during the middle ages, need a thesis though?

For history we can write an essay on any topic in our text book, I chose the black death or plague that occurred in 1348 through Europe. We have to have a good thesis though and I’m not sure what mine should be and exactly what I should talk about. It has to be 5 […]

In the middle East there’s a water crisis and water is their most valuable resource because it’s scarce…?

I have to write a problem solution essay on this and I have to state three possible solutions. #1 is well digging #2 is rain barrels and #3 is ?Can someone please help me come up with a third solution? Can you also please be through in your explanation? Thank you!

What are your stereotypes of Middle Eastern women who wear a veil?

what are your ideas about what their lives are like?(this is for an essay on western stereotypes about shi’i muslim women in the middle east– I’m gathering stereotypes. So obviously you don’t have to actually know anything about what their lives are actually like to answer this question… just what you assume their lives are […]