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Does modern media lead or manipulate war and society?

I have an essay I have to write, so I really need three points. Essentially, how does media impact or manipulate war and society? I’m mainly focusing on how it manipulates war and society. I want to focus on each time period, so the French Revolution, World War 2 and War on Iraq/War on Terror. […]

How does Lord of the Flies Mirror Modern Society?

I have to write an essay due very soon. Links would be appreciated

A essay of 3 mins on modern gadjets reduce human intelligence…plz…?

plz help me…i need it by 2morrow its really important…just paste the links of sites…that wud b alot help ful….thank you…i’ll select a best answer too…….

What is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style of writing an essay?

I am writing a 10 page research paper for my AP US History class and on the guideline paper it says that my paper should be written in MLA format.. What does this mean? What is the MLA Format/Style?

What modern books (pub. after 200) are GREAT books? for an essay ..not because of plot..but because of…?

what books are good not because of plot..but because of how debatle subject that the author how the author creates an ambiguous character so that any side has to argue what he feels the character represents….I have to write an essay on a modern book that I think is AP worthy and state why…i […]

How is a good modern day Juliet?

i am doing a project in english honors and i am doing an essay on a modern day Juliet from Shakespear. I am not sure how i can do this. if you have any ideas on people or themes, please help! thanks

Mythological heroes & Modern mythological heroes?

i need some ideas for doing my essay…I want to know the different between mythological heroes & Modern mythological heroesfor mythological heroes, I am considering to use the greek oneand I have no idea about Modern mythological heroes…my teachers said it comes from literature (including novels), religious icons, historical figures that have been celebrated throughout […]

Please can you give me a 2 A4 page essay With the title: Mobilephones:a blessing or a course to modern society?

I need it for an english assignment

What items have been re-invented? Or in other words, what ancient item has been invented in modern times?

an example i was told how back in the day, people baked bread by scratch and now bread machines were invented to make it more easier. But in the essay i have to write is comparing and contrasting the two items BUT i have to persuave my reader that the ancient item is better than […]

What modern day movie have the same theme as the novel The Color Of Water?

The title says it all, but i think the modern day movies be like 2009-2010. I need to do this for an essay im writing and it cannot be the movie of this book if they have one.okay, basically Connect the themes from the novel “The Color of Water” with a modern day movie with […]